7 Most Favorite Online Code Testers for Web Developers

We always require different types of IDEs for coding new files of web development. With the passage of time, the trends and web apps have totally been changed and a lot of tools are now available for online web development code testing. Some of those tools are downloadable while others help you test your web development codes online. The best thing of online web development code testers is that their results are always reliable and you can upgrade them any time by subscribing their monthly/yearly packages, but don’t worry, most of them are free to use online. We’ll be taking a look at some popular tools which can be used to test HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and some other web development languages online, you just need to write the code and get your result directly in your browser without worrying about a web server or any type of configuration.


1. JS Bin:

This is an interesting and fully features JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP debugging console. With the help of this online code tester, you can quite easily share your personalized links with the other code developers of your circle. Don’t get confused with its little bit confusing interface, once you get to know how to use JS Bin effectively, I am sure you will love to give it a hand every time you want to check on a specific code.

2. JsFiddle:

JsFiddle is one of the best Stack Overflow testers to check on JavaScript and PHP codes online. Its user-friendly interface allows you to compare your code with that of another developer’s. Before you give a try to this code tester, you will have to sign-up for a personalized user account. In your account, you can easily save your code samples and access them any time you want. JsFiddle allows you to share the codes on various social media networks like twitter and Facebook.

3. Codepad:

Codepad is another amazing web development code tester which was developed by Steven Hazel. This is accompanied with a unique web app which lets you share the PHP, Perl and other web development  codes’ syntax onto your social media profiles and within the Facebook communities. You can also copy and paste your codes with this user-friendly PHP code tester.

4. Tinkerbin:

Tinkerbin is one of the most favorite and widely used PHP web development code testers online. It is well supportive for HTML 5, JavaScript and PHP code testing. Its rendering engine allows you to view the code outputs onto your computer screens in a shorter time-frame, but just like various other online tools, it is also known to catch bugs very quickly.

5. IDEOne:

IDEOne is a leading and one of the most favorite code testers of web programmers and software developers. You can edit, copy, paste and redevelop your syntax again and again with this tool. Some of its languages are Objective-C, Java, C#, VB.NET and SQL. You have to sign-up for an account before you access the features and specifications of this online code tester.

6. Viper7 Codepad:

This is an interesting and quite useful webapp which allows you to share your codes on social media websites. Its debugging tool is setup for better code outputs of PHP and JavaScript. A plus point to use this code tester is that you can any time convert your code form from PHP5 to PHP4 and vice versa.

7. Google Code Playground:

Google is, no doubt, a dominating power in the world of internet. From apps to email services and from play store to wearable tech devices, Google is dominating by all means. The Google code playground is a wonderful creation of this search engine giant. With this code, you can have full access to the APIs of Google code sandbox. This will help you greatly in debugging your PHP codes from one window and you will always get accurate and reliable outputs.

Over to you:

Let us know what do you think of these online code testers? we’ll love to know your feedback and your suggestions if you have any, furthermore, which code tester do you currently use? share that with our viewers so they can get benefit from that. Thanks


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