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ASP stands for (Active Server Pages) is a server side scripting language from Microsoft, it is used for creating high level web applications and dynamic websites. It was initially released in the 1990s. However, now ASP.NET is being used as framework of .NET technology to build dynamic web pages  or websites. Due to a wide range of users of PHP, now many people don’t use ASP.  But, ASP.NET is still used massively because of its great functionality. As Yahoo’s many websites have been built with ASP.NET. ASP.NET can be used to create several applications for any of your web projects. ASP.NET is a Microsoft Product and there are many tools that have been provided by Microsoft itself.

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Learn ASP.NET Video Course in Urdu

Here is a video tutorials playlist of ASP.NET in Urdu language. I hope you will get some good lessons from this course. While it is not made by me. Because I haven’t worked in so far. So here you will find a video course of ASP.NET with random videos which was embedded from Youtube. However, you can wait up to my own course which I hope will be published soon on this blog. And all of you’ll get benefits from that. If I’m not able to make that course then surely I’ll hire someone else for doing the job for you. Let’s hope for the better and also via comments you can show your enthusiasm with this blog.

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