Blogger New Edit HTML Video Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

The Blogger team has recently updated their new Edit HTML section and has changed everything. The new Edit HTML has many parts that you can use while customizing your HTML section of your blog. However, the most important parts are the preview option in new development, the jump to widget option, lining numbers and highlighting each block of code. Also there are many similar changes in the new development. I just created a video tutorial to let you know that how can you find the important sections while working in your blog. So you can learn it easily by watching the video below.

Blogger in Urdu

What are important to find?

The important sections in my opinion are finding the CSS style sheet which is located inside<b:skin></b:skin> tag, so you need to find this tag if you want to edit your CSS style sheet. Also the var=’Post” which is actually representing to the post body of your blog, that can also be found by just going to “Jump to Widget” and click “Blog1” and then you can find the var=’post” which is the widget holding all your post body information. So you can insert anything below or above the <data:post.body> tag which was easier earlier in the previous editor, but now finding it is a headache. So you’ll learn these things in my video tutorial below.

Now let’s watch the video tutorial and let me know if you didn’t understand anything or if something is missing in this video.

Hopefully, you’ll find everything what you needed about blogger new Edit HTML option, however, you can share this post with all of your friends and also can ask me any question if you have. Take Care. 

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