C++ Programming in Urdu & Hindi

C++ is a programming language which is used to create games, PC software, desktop applications and much more. It is an object oriented programming language. C++ is basically the advance version of C Language. There are many other languages are also used for computer programming such as Go, Java, Python, Peril. What does a programming language do? You can make an algorithm by using a Programming language like C++. Here is basic course of C++ in Urdu language. There are total 11 video tutorials in a single playlist. You can watch this course and download as well.

C++ in Urdu

How to learn Programming in Urdu?

Now a days C++ is a widely used programming language in the computer world. You can learn this course by watching video tutorials below in Urdu language. Also you can learn Java and Python for getting more expertise in Programming. I will also include ASP .NET video course in Urdu to this blog.

The above course which you are watching is a basic programming course of C++, however, there will be soon an Advance course on this blog, because I’ve hired programmers for this job and they will make programming tutorials with practical projects, also you’ll be able to get a complete programming course in DVDs. Because I want this blog the place where you’d be able to learn each and everything from Office to programming. So stay tuned for more updates in the future.

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    June 25, 2019


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