Complete Web Development Video Training in Urdu & Hindi

Free learning web development video course online in Urdu language is now possible. Before this post, You couldn’t find a complete course for web development in Urdu. but now you don’t need to worry about it. because OnlineUstaad has brought to you complete web development video training on a single page in Urdu language. In the future more advance courses will also be added to our list. In this complete web development course you will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL, WordPress and Joomla CMS. I will also add Dreamweaver complete course to this list when it is completed. For Now enjoy the course and give me some fantastic comments.

Complete web development in URdu

1. HTML Video Course in Urdu

This is a playlist of HTML and HTML is the very basic and necessary language before going starting learning web development. Whether it is CSS, JavaScript or PHP all of them are embedded into HTML. So HTML is the backBone of a website. Here is a complete course of HTML in Urdu and you can learn its most frequently used tags by watching below tutorials.

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2. CSS Video Training

CSS is not directly involved with web development. Web development means web programming where you have to make applications and dynamic websites. While CSS is used to add styles and formatting to websites. So if you’re going to develop a website in PHP or using JavaScript; there must be a need of CSS. So CSS is also very essential with web development. Here is a complete course of CSS in Urdu language.

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Now Learn Dreamweaver CS5 in Urdu


3.  JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript is the first step towards web development. As JavaScript is a scripting language and mostly used in web applications. Therefore, it is necessary to have a basic introduction of JavaScript before going ahead to learn web development advance technologies. Here is a playlist of video tutorials in Urdu language about JavaScript. This course contains 9 video tutorials. you can also download these videos.

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4. PHP Advance Training in Urdu

Now you have come to the main point. the PHP (Hyper Text Pre-Processor) is a server side scripting language which interacts with web pages. PHP provides you a great environment for web development. You can create high level web applications by using PHP. Dynamic websites can also be made with PHP. PHP makes you a web developer and after becoming a developer you then can make dynamic websites in hours. You can get a smart salary job anywhere in the world if you have efficiency in PHP. The live examples of PHP are Facebook and WordPress. So here is a complete advance PHP training in Urdu language. You can watch this course as well as download it to your computer.

5. WordPress Video Training

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is completely developed in PHP. So if you’re willing to work as a WordPress developer then you must learn the WP basic practices. Here is a complete WordPress video training for you which is in Urdu language. You will learn how to work with WordPress themes, plugins, widgets and much more in Urdu.

6. Joomla Video Training

The last web development platform is Joomla which is also built in PHP. You can use PHP massively within Joomla. Joomla is also a CMS system and used by millions of webmasters. So you can also learn Joomla to enhance your web development skills. To learn complete Joomla video training in Urdu language please follow this link: Complete Joomla Video Course in Urdu.
I hope you will learn completely about web development in Urdu & Hindi by watching my tutorials. Also if you have time then kindly do share this post with all of your friends, so this way you can help us spread the word “Education”. Thanks for your time and precious comments in Advance.

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