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AngularJS (Angular.js) is a JavaScript framework mainly maintained by Google and community individuals to address various challenges faced in developing the single-page applications. It’s mainly in demand keeping in view the high demand of Front-end developers.

Angular JS Course for beginners

Keeping in view the benefits and use of AngularJS, Online Ustaad has developed a complete “Angular JS Course in urdu/hindi“ for beginners. This course is for beginners and intermediate users. If you want to learn AngularJS for free then this is the course for you. AngularJS is a JavaScript based front-end web application framework which you can use in any web development project.

Our stepwise Angular JS course is comprised of 34 lessons in total and we have tried to cover the following important topics:

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • MCV Architecture
  • Installation
  • App development
  • Directives
  • Expressions
  • Modules and controllers
  • ng show and ng hide
  • ng repeat
  • Filters
  • Sorting data
  • Searching
  • Creating custom service
  • Routing
  • Data binding
  • dependency injection
  • 1st Project
  • 2nd Project
  • 3rd Project

This course will help you advance your understandings of Angular Js by teaching you the core knowledge stepwise.


  • A browser and a text editor
  • Basic HTML and Javascript knowledge

Who should take this course:

  • Web designers and developers who want to step up their career by learning AngularJS
  • Those who want to learn Angular Js with a few easy lessons

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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