Create a Social Network Website in 10 Minutes (Urdu & Hindi)

You must have heard of social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace etc, these websites are created for users’ social activities such as what they like daily, what they do daily, and they talk with friends when they want. So these websites are actually community websites where users interact with one another. Creating such sites is very difficult job for the developers, because they’ll have to use powerful web development languages like PHP, ASP.Net etc. And several applications are required for a social network to run it properly. And a manual social network is always created by a team of developers, it can’t be created by a single developer. However, if you still want to create a social network just by yourself, then I’m here to help you out with a video tutorial in Urdu.

Social Network website

How to create a social network in 10 Minutes?

Here is a video tutorial in Urdu language which is about creating a social network site in 10 minutes. So actually I’ve created this network in less than 10 minutes. You can create any kind of website by using your Cpanel. But make sure your web hosting provider has given you the auto installer software which makes the job very easier for you. You can install countless number of free scripts available on your Cpanel, you can create an ecommerce site by just few clicks, you can create a forum site by just few clicks and you can create any kind of powerful website using your own Cpanel which is provided by the web hosting company when you register a domain name and get a web hosting account.

In your cpanel there is a section “Software & Installer” where you’ll find one of these two software:

  • Fantastico
  • Softcalous

So having found any of the above software, you can just use them to install any script you like for your website. They do all the job for you by just few clicks. They are actually auto installer software.

Here is the video tutorial you can watch and learn this thing practically:

In the above video, you’ll learn it practically to create a powerful social network just by using few clicks in your cpanel software. So we can hope that after watching the video tutorial, you’ll be able to create this kind of websites yourself without any difficulty. However, if you got any questions regarding this tutorial then let us know in the comments.
We’ll be glad to answer your questions & queries. Thanks

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