Create Email Signatures to Get SEO Links in Urdu & Hindi

There are a lot of ways for creating SEO backlinks, we can discover them if we want. And I’ll be sharing the most prominent & legal ways for creating backlinks or simply links to get traffic back towards your websites and blogs. So today, I have some video tutorials for you in Urdu language which will teach you about creating a signature in your Yahoo & gmail accounts, so when you’ll send or reply to an email, there will be a signature to each email you send, and that signature will also contain a link of your blog/website. So this way, you can increase the number of links and can receive more traffic on your site.

Email signature in urdu

How to create signature in Yahoo?

In yahoo mails, there are many features you can use, and one of them is to create a signature for your email ID, so after creating the signature, there will be a link & some info about you below each email you send. For doing this task, just login into your Yahoo mail account, and click the options at the top, and then click mail options, and you’ll find a signature option there, so you just need to create your signature and save that.  So your signature will be appearing below each email you send. Here is the video tutorial in Urdu for easily understanding it.

Creating Email Signature in Gmail

Now when you’ve created the email signature in Yahoo, here is the procedure to create the signature in Gmail, so with every email you send, there will be a signature which will be holding a link and some information about you. For setting up the signature in Gmail, just go to setting at top left, and click that, just scroll down and you’ll see a signature option there, just enable that and write something about you and also insert your site/blog link there. Here is the video tutorial in Urdu for this thing:
I hope, you’ll improve your skills and will create more links for your websites & Blogs using email signatures. However, if you have got questions then kindly post your questions below in comment section. I’ll be happy to answer your questions. Also I’m extremely ill now a days, pray for me. And Take Care.

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