Creating a Contact Me Form for Blogger or any Website in Urdu

Creating a contact me or email me form for blogger blogs or any kind of website is a good thing in order to get in touch with the visitors or the readers. There are many free online tools you can use for this purpose, but the one I came across I think the best one, because it is easy to use and simple to integrate into your blog or website. This tool is provided by which gives you power to customize a required contact me form and then simply copy the code and insert into your site. Everything is super simple. I’ve created a video tutorial for this which is in Urdu and Hindi. You can learn this by watching the video and after watching the video just go and implement it if you need this kind of form for your blog.

contact me form

Here is the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi which can be watched to learn the procedure:

Having watched the video you’ve come to know about creating this kind of forms easily, however, I’d say that you need to only create the fields as you require, this will reduce the loading time of the form.

This is absolutely free to use tool, however, you are limited to emails you’ll receive, up to 100 queries you can receive in a month, so if limit is exceeded then you can wait for next month.

After creating your form you can embed it to your site/blog by using different methods, it provides you embed code in HTML, JavaScript, Iframe and PHP. So whatever method is accepted by your platform, you can use that method to include this form into your website.

You can ask questions in comments if you find any difficulty while installing it on blogger or any website. Also share this with your friends so someone may need it for their blog. Take Care till next tutorial.

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