CSS3 Box Shadow Tutorial in Urdu & Hindi

In previous tutorial we learned about CSS3 Rounded Borders, but here is a another simple tutorial in which you’ll learn about box shadow in CSS, box shadow is a new property, which can add a beautiful shadow to a box model. You can easily implement it on any platform. So the video tutorial will practically guide you how to use this property.

CSS3 box shadow

Watch the video below to Learn CSS3 box shadow in Urdu

Here is the simple syntax of using this property in HTML web pages, you need to first specify a box model in CSS and then you can use the box shadow property, here is the syntx:

<style type=”text/css”>

#div1 {




box-shadow:5px 5px 5px orange;



Now the above code will add a box shadow of orange color to an HTML element where this id “div1” will be called. So this is very very easy and you can make your website/blog more beautiful by using this simple css property.

However, you can always watch our complete CSS video tutorials series to learn CSS complete from basic to advance, and also if you find any issues while implementing our tutorials then kindly use our comment form to ask your questions, we try to respond to every comment when we get time.

Have a great time with CSS. 

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