Google Feedburner video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

We recently discussed two important Google Tools in detailed tutorials in Urdu language. First I presented complete Google Analytic Tool in Urdu and then Google Webmaster Tools in Urdu with detailed video tutorials series. Google Analytic Tool collects your site’s complete statistical data; while Webmaster tools is for finding errors inside your website and to help you better SEO ideas for your website or blog. And thus, Today, we are discussing another great Google’s Tool Feedburner in Urdu language, you’ll learn Feedburner tool with the help of video tutorials in Urdu & Hindi languages. Let’s get started now: 
feedburner in urdu

What is Web Feed?

According to Wikipedia, a web Feed or news feed is a data format; which is used to provide frequently updated content to the users and other websites. Website owners syndicate their data and allow users and websites to subscribe to it via email.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” this word is also related to web feed. By sending your feed you send to users the summary or a part of your full content and thus, they come to your website for reading the full story. So, it is clear here that we can say RSS Feed. You can show your Feed address on your website for your visitors who can subscribe to it for upcoming updates from your site. Sounds Good!.

What is Google Feedburner?

Google Feedburner is a tool from Google which is used for sending your site’s updates to the readers and other websites who have subscribed to you. By using Feedburner you can save your very much time because it does most of the work itself. Inside Blogger, it is very easy to implement. You just need to add a gadget and add the widget “Follow By Email” and save that.. It will create your feed address automatically.

Complete Google Feedburner Video Tutorials in Urdu

Now, here is the list of video tutorials I just recorded today. There are four video tutorials in Urdu language which can be watched to learn all about Google Feedburner. So watch them and go for using them.
I hope you’ll find this course worth learning, and I also hope that Google Feedburner will increase your online visibility. And don’t hesitate to ask your questions related to this post. Share this post with your friends and take Care!

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