How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing in Urdu & Hindi

Keyword stuffing is a bad technique in SEO which is used by some webmasters to gain search ranking but it is no longer accepted by major search engines i.e Google. This technique comes in black-hat SEO tactics. I’ve created a video tutorial which will explain this thing very deeply and will also guide you about avoiding it and protecting yourself from being banned by search engines. Because Google penguin (Google search update) detects those websites who are doing this bad practice.

SEO keyword stuffing in urdu

Keyword stuffing is actually a technique in which the blog owner use massive keywords in the title of the post, in the description and in the article itself. So You can not use more than one keyword in an article and also you can not repeat the keyword again and again in the title or in the description of the post. So let’s watch the video to learn it quickly.

How can you avoid Keyword Stuffing?

This is very simple, just use a keyword one time in your title of the post, again only one time in the search description, so it becomes balanced for search engines. You can’t force search engines to index your content, because they have to decide whether the page is balancing in all parameters or not. which includes different things such as the title of the post, the content of the page, the description of the page, the overall authority of the website and the signals from social media.

The keyword is that word or group of words for which you are going to optimize your blog/site post. So if a post is about top SEO tips for 2013, then you can only use SEO once in the title like this:

“SEO Tips for Beginners in 2013”

However, you can not use this technique, which some still do:

“SEO Tips 2013, SEO Tricks for beginners, Learn SEO”

The above one is the exact example of Keyword stuffing, so avoid it today and don’t be the hunt of Penguin.

If you have questions then kindly use comment form I’ll answer your questions. Happy Blogging.


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