How to Keep Your Adsense Account in Good Standing?

Needless to further discuss that what is Google Adsense?, because most of you know it, and have a well understanding of it. But there are still many aspects should be discussed always among webmasters and especially there are dozens of key points which new bloggers or website owners must know about Adsense. The program that we are talking about today is run effectively by Google for years and has always improved its system for both publishers and advertisers. Becoming an Adsense publisher means; respecting and following every suggestion Google has written on their policy page or has been updating on their Adsense Blog. This program has given thousands of website owners the opportunity they can make a livelihood out of it. But what when one see their account disabled by Google and read the painful email saying: “Your Account has been disabled due to a violation of our program policies“.

Adsense program policies

I don’t think, Google can entirely disabled an account without any reason. There are many reasons Google’s engineers consider when they finally decide to terminate an account. However, We’ve to follow all the program policies we’re instructed by Google. Because there are millions of publishers, so each one can’t be handled by Google separately. Everyone should carefully read the program policies and after that they must make the necessary changes before Adding adsense ads to their web pages. If they understand their site has content violating Adsense policies or something is not meeting with Adsense policies then they should at least remove the Ads from their pages and work on the concerned areas.

How to read Adsense Program Policies?

This is not a very difficult job, you just need to some often visit the program policies page which is provided by Google itself, and make sure that your site is somehow exactly following the policies as mentioned by Google. At least once a month read these program polices by clicking below link:

Reading Adsense Program Policies

Each and every point is important which is mentioned on that page. And for updates and changes about the Adsense program, you can always visit Google Adsense blog, you’ll find useful tips and latest updates about Adsense by visiting this blog regularly, also subscribe to it for email updates:

Visit Google Adsense Blog
These resources are very helpful for you if you’re an Adsense publisher. However, I will also give you some principle tips to keep your adsense account in Good Standing.
Invalid Clicks & Impressions

This is the very first key point, and most of you aware of it. But I would mention one thing here, that don’t visit your site again and again if you have very low traffic or just few impressions. Because the number of impressions you give yourself can be a percentage of your total impressions; and its not a good experience. And clicking on your ads or using any method to click your own ads means; you don’t love your Adsense account.

Content Guidelines

Now a days people don’t really care about content. But it is the must thing in order to keep your Adsense account in Good Standing. Some key points are mentioned in Adsense policies regarding content guidelines which should be read very carefully. Sites having illegal content aren’t allowed to show Adsense ads. However, you can also read the complete content guidelines on Adsense’ policy page.

Copyrighted Material

This is the most important factor which is concerned these days for disabling Adsense Accounts. Most of the new publishers particularly from South Asia start websites/blogs by copying other people’s content and somehow they get Adsense account, And after few days Google detect their copyrighted content and their account got disabled. So be very careful in this, If you have copied content on your blog then your Adsense account will be surely banned sooner or later. So never insert Google ads on pages having copyrighted material.

Privacy Policy

This has also become a major reason for Disabling Adsense accounts. Whenever you decided to display Google ads on your site, you must first create a clear privacy policy for your site and put it on the home page. The privacy policy is for your site’s visitors who are viewing Google ads as well. This Policy must tell the visitor that how you’re site is using users’ information and private data. Also you should mention in privacy policy that you’re using third-party advertisements on your blog, so Third-parties may be using some tools or cookies to collect the visitors’ information i.e IP address, browser etc in order to provide better results.

Some Other key points you should consider

  • Traffic Sources: The Traffic You receive should be original & Not paid traffic
  • Ad Behavior: Adsense ads’ codes cannot be altered or changed
  • Ad Placement: Always Show ads on pages having enough content & don’t show ads very close to images or any other part of links etc, also don’t display ads on blank pages
  • Site Behavior: Sites showing Adsense ads must be user-friendly and users can navigate the site easily, redirecting users to unwanted sites is against Adsense program policies

These were some key points of Adsense program which you should always keep in mind when you want to be a partner with Google for a long time. It takes a little efforts but always healthy and worthy. Google loves your partnership but with loyalty and respect. If you are a new publisher then always be active on Adsense’s Blog, Adsense Help Forum and follow the Google Adsense Plus page.

Final Advise
Google Adsense’s main aim is to provide the best user experience and to provide the possible relevant ads according to your content. So you should always keep in mind that you are creating a website for users not for Adsense. Adsense will fit on your site automatically when you’ll produce useful content for the users they are seeking for. Work on your site deeply and make it user-friendly, so when you’re getting people interested in your content then you can use Adsense for monetizing your content. At least 6 months work hard on your site and then display Adsense ads on your site.

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