How to Make Complete website in PHP & MySQL in Urdu

Creating complete website in PHP had been one of my own dream, but now the time has come when I’m creating complete websites using only PHP codes, and that’s why I’ll be publishing some great web development stuff on this blog in near future. I previously published a series of tutorials in which we learn complete CMS & Website in PHP and before that we have a complete training of PHP in Urdu. So there are a lot to learn for you, but I’ll be publishing more tutorials, so that you can become a web developer easily. My upcoming tutorials will be about checking existing emails in database, creating a search engine in PHP & MySQL, creating a beautiful currency converter in PHP and similar projects.

php website in urdu

Now let’s watch the tutorials for creating a very simple website using PHP & MySQL, these videos are in Urdu language, so you can easily understand it. You will need to practice instantly.

Complete PHP website video tutorial #1

Complete PHP website video tutorial #2

Above tutorials are for just giving you an Idea for using the include command in PHP and how to insert posts from MySQL database and show them on a web page. This is a basic thing which has something for you to learn. However, I’ve published a complete CMS & Website tutorial already, and more projects are also coming in PHP. But I’ll also highly recommend you to Buy Complete PHP course in DVDs, because that is different than my online tutorials and has a large number of projects including real time websites. You can just visit the Buy a DVD page for getting any of my course in DVDs.

Sharing this post with friends will be a favor for us, and also you can always ask your question here on this blog and I try to answer every comment posted here. Happy Learning PHP

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