How to Make money with Infolinks in Urdu video Tutorial

Making Money Online is now becoming super easy for everyone, this goal was not possible to reach by everyone before some years. But now even a newly born Baby can make some extra cash on the internet by putting some real efforts. We have heard a lot about Google Adsense which is without doubts the king of online (Pay Per Click) programs, which is used by millions of webmasters and bloggers to make money on the internet. But Getting an Adsense account is so much harder these days, especially for people living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India. Therefore, I’ve brought to you an alternative of Adsense which is called “Infolinks“, so you can make the best use of it to make very good money with your blog or website. As name indicates of this network Infolinks and its mean the ads will be “Informative Links”.


Before few months, Infolinks was only offering text-based ads for all of its publishers, means, if you have had some text content on your site then you were good to go with Infolinks, for wallpaper or video based sites it was not so much good. But after some changes and features recently added by Infolinks team, This network is now offering many types of ads such as Pop up ads, ads in pictures and also different colorized text ads with a variety of customization options.

So we have a video tutorial in Urdu for you guys, which you can watch to know the easiest procedure to join Infolinks and also how to integer its ads on your website. You’ll moreover see some of my proofs of earning I did in the past with this network. Let’s get started and learn it completely by watching a video tutorial in Urdu language.

How much can I earn with Infolinks?

It depends on the traffic you receive on your site/blog, the more traffic/visitors you have, the more you’ll earn with Infolinks. However, one thing is sure, that you’ll learn some extra money with this network. And there are many guys out there, who are earning more than Adsense by using Infolinks.

Now let’s get watch this video in Urdu:

So having watched above video in Urdu, I hopefully can say that you’ll join Infolinks as soon as it suits your site and you need it. If you are satisfied with this Ad network then kindly join Infolinks from here for free:

You can earn as much as you want with Infolinks and that’s all depends on the traffic you receive on your sites. There are bloggers and webmasters out there who make more than $500 monthly alone from Infolinks and I’ve seen the proofs myself. So you may be the next BIG man.

You may add as many sites/blogs as you want to your infolinks account, each site/blog needs its approval from them and after the approval you can instantly insert the ads into your blog/site.

After this tutorial, we’ll also share some more great straightforward ways to make money on the internet in Urdu language. And I’ve also started working on my (4 consistent ways to make money online) course which will be soon available in DVDs and I’ll guarantee you in that course. So make sure you follow this blog via email and don’t miss single post on everything we share freely.

If you got comments then kindly use below comment form to ask your questions, I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Take Care. 

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