How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers?

Recently, I saw my main Facebook account was attacked by someone, he/she did not fully hacked the account, but somehow managed to put it on recovery mode. When I logged into Facebook the next day, Facebook asked me for some verification and I was able to get the account back to normal and I took some extra steps to secure the account from any future attacks. I’ll share a few simple tips with you in order to protect your Facebook account from hackers.


Why Do We Need to Protect Our Account?

Hackers have very less chance to harm you financially by compromising your Facebook account (If you are not using any paid services from Facebook such as Facebook Ads). But as you know, all of us have very personal data and emotions on Facebook i.e messages, chats, mobile no, email address, pages, groups and much more information we have on Facebook, hacker will get access to that information and can potentially damage your reputation by posting something against your personality. In all cases, we should protect our account from being compromised.

Basic Security Tips for Facebook Account

There are a few basic things you need to do in order to keep your account away from hackers, and these basic steps are mandatory for every new and existing account on Facebook, these basic security measures will secure your account from a baby hacker who is just trying to do something for fun.

1) Use a Strong Password 

The first thing you need to secure your account is to select a strong password which must contains lower and capital letters as well as numbers and special characters. Don’t use the common passwords like pakistan123, prince007  and so on. Use a strong password such as (%&rockyTTMembers), and try to change your password after every six months.

2) Add Your Mobile Number 

To make sure you get access back to your account if something goes wrong, you must add your mobile number to your Facebook account and verify it. When you have mobile number attached with your FB account, you’ll always get an SMS from Facebook according to the situation. In order to add your mobile number, please go to Setting and then on the left side you’ll see mobile, click that and add your mobile number.

3) Don’t Open Facebook on all Computers 

Try to only use one device for opening your Facebook account, if you open your account everywhere then it can be hacked easily because your SESSION is activated on that computer’s IP address. However, you can use any computer which you think is trusted, and never save your password or login details on someone else’s computer.

4) Don’t Click Spam Links 

This is one of the biggest problems I’ve seen, most of the new users who don’t know how the web works, they click on spam links in Facebook messages which are sent to them by some known users. These links potentially have phishing software and scripts, which immediately get access to your Facebook password and email. So first carefully watch the links and only click links which are clear and visible.

5) Using Private Browsing Options 

This is a little tip, if you activate private browsing in Mozila Firefox, it’ll protect you from harmful attacks. And you can do the similar in Chrome by opening your Facebook account in a “new incognito window” and nothing will be saved in the browser, I mean the browser will not save your data, so you are safe and sound.

Advanced Tips for Facebook Security

Now here is the actual magic, if you want to highly secure your Facebook account from the top level hackers then you should apply these advanced security tips. Facebook has done a lot for you in order to protect your data from hackers, and you just need to activate some default security features which Facebook offers you. Please follow the steps below.

Login to your Facebook account, and on the top of your account where you click for logout from Facebook, click that arrow and click the setting as showing in the picture below:


On the next page, you’ll need to click the security option as indicated in the image below:


Now on this above page, you can activate all the necessary security features in order to fully secure your account for lifetime, you can use as many options as you can, but make sure you understand the option before using it. However, I’ll suggest you to at least activate the Login Alerts, Login Approvals and Trusted Contacts. These 3 options are must to activate for advanced security of your FB account. I have indicated the necessary options below in the screen shot, and you can add 3 to 5 trusted people in the “Trusted Contacts” list.


The Trusted Contacts are those people who’ll help you if you ever lose access to your account, you should add your closest friends or relatives to this list. Please keep in mind that these features will make sure the security of your Facebook account, I have activated them all myself and it’s recommended to you to. Good luck!

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