How to Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger (Urdu & Hindi) is a free web publishing tool with a free .blogspot domain address. That’s mean you’ll have a unique address for your blog hosted on blogger, but with your address in last there will be a .blogspot extension as well, which indicates that this blog is created with So if you are gonna create a large blog then it might seem unprofessional having the .blogspot extension, instead you can purchase only a domain name (with $10) and can easily configure that with your blog, so the .blogspot extension will be removed and your blog will be looking more professional.

Blogger custom domain name

So now you want to change your blogspot to your custom domain name, for doing so, you’ll need to first register a domain name with a company such as or, or in Pakistan You can also get domain name from me by visiting or directly visit this page: I can provide you all support with any service you purchase from me.

How to configure custom domain in blogger?

Now having register the domain name, the most important part is to set up / configure that with blogger. So this will no longer be a headache for you, because I have created a video tutorial for it in Urdu language, you can easily understand how to configure your custom domain in blogger.

When you purchase a domain name from a domain name providers, you are given an Admin Panel for managing your domain name, you can just visit that panel to add any records to your domain or changing its setting. The most important section in your admin panel is the “DNS” stands for (Domain Name System/setting), so you always have to add the server names and the IPs of your web host. And in this case (blogger) you’ll need to add two different Cname records to your DNS page, and by doing that, blogger will verify your site and will redirect your domain name to Google’s own servers.

Now here is the video tutorial in Urdu which can easily tell you what to do when you’ve purchased your domain name and don’t how to set up it on blogger by yourself.

Having watched this video tutorial in Urdu, I can hopefully say that now you’ll be able to set up your custom domain yourself on blogger platform. However, if you have more questions or suggestions then use our comment form below for posting your questions. Also sharing this post with your friends mean caring us.
Take care and see you soon with a new tutorial.

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