Learn Google Panda & Penguin in Urdu & Hindi

Google Panda and penguin are two major search algorithms from Google, these algorithms were released previous year to find low quality and spam websites on the web and to remove them from search index. The first algo Panda was released by Google in February 2012, which affected thousands of websites including big names such as, and the last version of this update was 25, and Google says; they will not release any more Panda update in the future because this is now the regular part of Google search algorithms.

While Penguin was release two months later from the Panda, it’s first version was released in April 2012, and there are many  major and minor Updates have taken place so far. So keep in mind that Google is cleaning the web from spam and bad websites. You’ll have to now produce great work for your website in order to be the part of search engines.

Google Panda & Penguin

Now here is a video tutorial, which completely can guide you about Google Panda and Penguin, this video tutorial is in Urdu & Hindi languages, let’s watch it first and then I’ll tell you something special below the video:

Having watched the video I hope you’ve got everything about Panda and Penguin and how to make yourself safe from these updates. But here I’d give you some points for which these two updates were released.

What does Panda Do?

Panda was particularly released for detecting/finding websites which were producing low quality content, copying other’s content and re-publishing, so it did that and banned thousands of websites. Now make sure you only work originally by yourself and produce quality content which actually help the people in real life, as I do.

What does Penguin do?

Penguin was another major Player by Google, which was released to detect/find sites that are over-optimizing their sites, doing keyword stuffing, using bad SEO techniques such as Black-hat SEO tactics, linking unnaturally and some more minor factors were included. So you can make sure to not do these things while optimizing your site.

Over to YOU: 

Now its up to you that how you deal with your website, if you want to work for long term then do respect to others’ property and work as a genius. Take care and let me know if  you have questions.

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