Make Money Online Video Tutorials in Urdu [Introduction]

So, the most awaited part of my tutorials in Urdu will be beginning from this post onwards. Since I started video blogging in Urdu back in 2011, and after creating so many video courses in Urdu such as on Web designing, Web development, SEO, blogger, WordPress, Graphics, Photoshop, Ms Office and so many others, the most of the feedback I received was about making money online. Everyone is interested to go deep into this topic, and everyone who hears the fact “Make money is possible” he/she comes and ask me the right way to start the journey from. So it was in my mind to start up a complete course for all those who want to get the first step in order to be an entrepreneur in the future. So previously I created a course in the starting of this year with the title “30 ways to make money on the internet in Urdu”, which I used to provide in DVDs, however, I created that course accidently which you can observe in the introduction videos of that course on this page. I’ll still provide that full course in DVDs, but some of the parts will be shared with you on this website continually from onwards. The reason for this is; some of the videos I don’t want to show online, but most of the video tutorials will be shared with you for free. Moreover, recently I thought to create a new updated course on making money online which I entitled as “4 Consistent ways to make money online in Urdu” and I’ve just started working on that course which will be soon available to all of. In my new course, I’ll guarantee you that you’ll make money on the internet this time, because the course is something I’ll really put great efforts in.

how much can i earn online

This post is to share some of the initial video tutorials of my previous making money course in Urdu, and this post is actually the introduction of that series. In this introduction, I’ve included the first 9 video tutorials which means a lot. While watching these video tutorials you’ll learn how BIG market is internet to step into and make SOME big money. I actually have discussed that “Google Adsense” is not everything for which everyone is looking blindly without understanding it first. So I’ve taught you that first make it sure you are able to understand the mechanism and the system that you are going to join or want to.

30 Ways to Make Money online in Urdu

The first 9 introduction video tutorials will give you an idea of what actually you need to have in order to take the first step or to make yourself powerful for the future. This is all in Urdu language and I hope you’ll find something new in it. However, in upcoming parts of this series you’ll learn the methods one by one in Urdu. But for this time kindly have a look at these 9 video tutorials below:

Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 1

Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 2
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 3
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 4
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 5
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 6
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 7
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 8
Make Money Introduction in Urdu Part 9
The above introductory videos are a kind of mind-fresh for you people which you can use to get some ideas about online business and working. But let me tell you one thing that in my new upcoming course “4 ways to make money” I’ll disclose some really secrets with all of you in Urdu language, which I’ve never shared before. Every single day, new people are coming and joining the online business and blogging etc, so why not you can start? yes, you can, but you need to have some knowledge and skills to be the part of this great community. And I’m here to guide you as much as I can.
What’s Next: 
Some of the tutorials of this series have already been shared on this website such as “Making money by writing articles” and “Making Money with translation jobs” etc, but the remaining parts will be uploaded time to time but as quickly as possible to this website. And after uploading the “Selected” tutorials, I’ll then be able to present you the next “Mega” course that will be a huge difference Inshallah.
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So stay tuned and ask your questions in the comment section, Also, if you share this post with your friends and on social media then it would be a great honor for us and it might be helpful for someone. Thanks all of you!

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