Ms Power Point 2007 Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

Ms Power Point 2007 is an application software which is used for creating  presentations. Ms Power Point 2007 has a large variety of special designs, themes and effects which you can use in your presentations. Also if you want more designs then there are many designs available online which you can download from Microsoft’s website. in videos below you’ll learn  Ms Power Point 2007  in Urdu language and after these lesson we will make some presentations in Power Point. In Power Point we work with slides instead of pages as we do in Ms Word and Ms Excel. Slides are in landscape mode. and we can create slide shows as far as we need. So this is a basic video training which will a guide you about available important tools in Power Point and also we’ve created some presentations in this course.

Powerpoint in Urdu

Special Commands in Power Point 2007

We press F5 key from keyboard to see our slide show, We can add an animation to an object, box, text etc. We can also add transitions to entire show or just to a slide. We set a master slide as well for all of our slides show. There are many other beautiful features in Power Point you will see in videos below.

Keep in mind that a more advance course of Microsoft Power Point 2007 is being recorded and will be published soon on this blog. So stay tuned and share your views with me in comment section below.

Ms Power Point 2007 Training in Urdu Video 1

Ms Power Point 2007 Tutorial  in Urdu Video 2

Ms Power Point 2007 Training in Urdu Video 3

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