New HTML Video Tutorials Course in Urdu & Hindi

HTML is a hyper text mark up language which is definitely used to create the basic structure of a website or web page. We’ve already shared a detailed HTML video training in Urdu on this blog. In this new course, We’ve discussed about HTML5 as well which is the recent standard for Hyper Text Markup Languages. This new course is in Urdu/Hindi and you’ll learn HTML from basic to advance with several live projects in the course, However, this complete course is a paid course which you can buy in DVD, but We’ll share 30% of the content for free on this page. You can watch the video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi and then can decide whether should you buy the complete course or not.

HTML in Urdu

The Content/Outline of the new HTML Course

There are 50+ video lectures included in this new course and we can assure that you’ll learn the basics & some advance techniques of HTML very easily in this course, However, you can find the important points & sections of this in the outline of this course in the below list:

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Very Basic HTML Tags (Many Lectures)
  • Inserting/Managing Links
  • Adding/Managing Images
  • Creating Web Forms
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating Marquees
  • Creating Lists
  • Using iFrames
  • Special HTML Tags
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Creating a Website Layout
  • Creating another Website Layout
  • Creating one More Website Layout

HTML New Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

You must learn HTML if you want to become a web designer, learning HTML is the first step to become a web designer or web developer, it is the basic language of web designing and web development. And without having sufficient knowledge of it, you can not go ahead. Every new application or web project needs to be first structured in HTML. All other web languages are embedded into HTML. So in this course you’ll learn the basics of HTML and also some mostly used elements/tags of HTML.

Now Let’s watch the video tutorials of this course in a single playlist, the videos are on YouTube, so make sure YouTube is working at your side and then come back to this page, and you’ll see the videos, if you don’t know how to open YouTube then simply use ZenMate Extension for Chrome browser which will allow you to use YouTube and any other website which might be not working in your country.

Video Tutorials Playlist (YouTube)

So you can easily watch all these videos to learn the Basics of HTML, however, as I already told you in the starting of this article that this training series is from our premium DVDs courses, I just uploaded 30% of the course because I wanted to give you some insights of this new course, so you can decide better after watching the starting videos of this course. However, I’ll once again assure you that this a complete HTML training by taking which you can easily learn the basics of HTML as well the some advance techniques to create web layouts in simple HTML.

If you have any questions regarding this course then you can simply post a comment on this page or you can visit our Buy a DVD page to see the list of the courses which we currently offer, and there you’ll find HTML price & description. You can also email us at: if you have any specific question either about this course or about any other course. Thanks!

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