Photoshop CS4 Complete Video Course in Urdu & Hindi

Photoshop’s CS versions are great to use for graphics designing. Photoshop 7.0 was a great software and ran for a long time. It was very simple and easy to use. But later on, Adobe introduced Photoshop CS version and till now CS6 is the newest version of Photoshop series. I already published complete video tutorial on Photoshop 7.0 in Urdu language. While today I am going to share a complete video course of Photoshop CS4 with you guys. This course is also in Urdu language and you can learn it by watching below playlist of video tutorials. This course is created by Irfan Wazir Ali who makes video tutorials mostly on graphics designing software and I have also a plan to make complete video course of Photoshop CS5 or CS6 very soon.

Photoshop CS4 in Urdu

Photoshop Tutorials in Urdu

So in this series of tutorials you’ll learn PS CS4 complete with a single playlist, this playlist contains dozens of video tutorials, you need to just watch one video tutorial and the another will be played automatically. As I already mentioned that this course is not created by me, but I’m will be publishing a complete Photoshop CS5 course just within few days, because I’ve already created that and I’ve also uploaded that to There are more than 40 video tutorials in my upcoming Photoshop CS5 complete course, so I hope you’ll like that as well. But for now you can enjoy learning PS CS4.

Any help that you need can be asked by commenting below this post, and I always try to respond to every comment posted on this website, I really like your feedback and appreciation and also your questions. So I’ll be more happy to answer all of your questions here and to help you out regarding your issues.
Happy Graphics designing and take a lot of care of yourself and your family.

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