Remove Subscribe to Post (Atom) in Blogger

In Blogger default templates, there is a link namely “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)” which appears below every post sometimes at left side or at center. It also appears on Blog’e home page. By clicking this link a visitor can subscribe to your RSS feeds. but instead of this unnatural link, there are many other awesome ways to give visitor the opportunity to subscribe to your blog feeds.

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Mostly people, especially new blogger users dislike this link. They want to make their blog more beautiful and shiny. So and therefore, they want to remove this link as quickly as they find a solution for it. There are many tricks have been shared on the internet about this issue. But the one I’m going to share, is the easiest method to remove this link from your blog. Let’s now come straight over the way.

How to Remove Subscribe to: Post (Atom) Link on Blogger?

You can remove this link by using many tricks, but this is the simplest & quickest method, because by using this method we will just hide it from your blog by using a CSS property. You’ll have to add just one single CSS line to your blog’s style sheet and that’s all. Now follow the steps to do this:

  • Log-in to your blog
  • Template >> Edit HTML
  • Search For this code ]]></b:skin> (tip: Use CTRL+F)
  • Now Just above/before ]]></b:skin> insert following code

.feed-links { display:none !important; }

Save your template and view your. Feed Atom link no longer be there.

You may have questions about this tutorial or about this blog, write them below in comment section. Also sharing this post with friends can be a peanut for me!!! Stay Amazing!

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