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Before starting this story, I’ll go back to 2009 when I for the first time came to know about “Making Money Online“, “Blogging”, “SEO” and these kind of terms, As a newbie, I was looking for knowledge in Urdu and was searching every single day to find something that could guide me a little bit to understand clearly about what does “SEO” exactly means, How can some one “Make Money Online” and how to start blogging etc, even I didn’t know what’s HTML, CSS and WordPress. PHP was a far thing from my little brain as I was not even educated. However, I found a little bit information at that time available on the internet such as an article in Urdu about Google Adsense which I read more than 200 times 🙂  and a little bit knowledge from the Urdu forums such as “”. But that was not enough for me to start something exclusively.

After getting tired, I decided that one day I’ll create a video tutorials based website for all Urdu users who will get benefit from it at the first stages, and at the same time I started improving my English to learn SEO, Make Money, Blogging, PHP, HTML and similar other technologies from teachers, institutes and from internet itself. And when I did these all things within around 2 years, I took the step in December 2011 and started “”, which was a revolution for Urdu tutorials on IT. After that I continually contributed to the community freely and still I’m doing that because this is something that have changed the lives of so many people across Pakistan, India and several other countries where Urdu & Hindi speakers exist.

To be very honest, I was earning more money on the internet before starting “”, I was creating Niche & Micro niche websites on different topics and was optimizing them through SEO, I was earning $1000+ monthly alone from Adsense back in 2010 and 2011 and was very happy with my online life, but I left all those things only to focus on this website and to create Urdu video tutorials. Today I feel proud just because of helping people and getting their voices heard.

Before reading further, first watch this video:

I also provided some paid courses in (DVDs) just upon the request of many students who were buying courses from other people but they were not that useful for them, so I started this service back in 2012 and I tried to provide courses with practical examples and live projects. And Alhamdullillah, all of our paid students are happy with our services and getting jobs after learning from our courses. And more importantly, we regularly update our courses with new learning materials. That’s how we try to be different always.

How did bring revolution?

The website “” actually changed the whole Urdu leanring world on the internet, when everybody searched for something on Google such as “blogger in Urdu” they found this website, and since the creation of this website we received thousands of fans, subscribers, followers and so on. We have been ranked on the first page of Google since 2011 and Alhamdullillah Today we are at the same place and receiving more than 60% traffic from search engines alone. This is all because of You guys, because of our real efforts and because of the real content. After thousands of people learned from this website, some of them started their own video tutorials and uploaded to YouTube and other platforms, and we appreciate their efforts as well, because this way the knowledge has been more spreaded and people who know courses that we don’t know, they have created courses of their own skills and that’s what I wanted to bring the revolution in the IT field for Urdu users on the internet.

Why will we be sharing free tutorials always?

We have uploaded and shared more than 1000 video tutorials in Urdu, English & in Pashto for free and we’ll continue this in the future, this is because we receive a huge number of best wishes from our students and especially we receives (Dua’s) from those who need to be helped. And this thing keeps us motivated to create more and more and to make a real difference in the online world. We’ll always be at your service with new updates and new tutorials.

However, We’ve some complaints as well:

The website we created just for helping people speaking Urdu language because I myself faced a lot of problems in the starting days, but after creating this website and spreading knowledge we found a lot of new bloggers copying all of our material and publishing on their blogs, we requested them to stop this thing, some of them listened to us and some of them refused. We reported so many blogs to Google and Blogger, some of them were removed and some were not, but still this game is being played with us. And this is why at some stages I thought that why did I help people? but after sometimes I realized that this is a fact and we can’t ignore it, because the evil will be always there. So we have to fight, fight, fight and fight again. And to teach people not to do wrong.

We so many times requested and we are requesting again that please respect copyrights and don’t publish anything that’s not created by you unless you have taken permission from the original creator of that thing.

We moreover request you to share our blog and content on different websites/blogs, social media and forums where you participate, because if you learned something from somewhere then it should be your kindness to share that knowledge with your friends and other people.

What’s coming in the future?

God knows better about the future, but we’ll try to serve you with tutorials that are unique for you. We’ll try to share the latest happenings with you in shape of video tutorials in Urdu, because this website is mainly for Urdu users and will always be. We’ll be serving you with SEO latest terms, Digital Marketing, PHP web development, Apps development, CSS3 & HTML5 as well some more great things that we have right now in our mind for creating video tutorials in Urdu and of course free.

What We’d like you to do for us?

You are our real asset, and we’ll never let you go, this  is your own website, I welcome you to be the part of it and promoting Information technology education in Pakistan as well as in the world where Urdu speakers have presence. You can share this website with everyone and the latest posts/tutorials that we publish.

Some dresses we wore in the past! in 2011 (on Blogger)

onlineustaad-2011 in 2012 (on Blogger) 

onlineustaad-2012 in 2013 (on WordPress) 


Note: We have only this website “” any other website/blog having “Ustaad” in the domain name is not related to us and is not repsenting us, so be aware of fake websites and cheaters.

We would like to ask you for your precious suggestions in the comments for improving this website to have a great learning experince in the future, we’d also like to ask you for sharing your experience about in the past.

Have a great time with us ahead and waiting for your reviews about this website and this post. Wish you all the best Buddies!

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