Top 5 Reliable Hosting Service Providers in Pakistan

Top 5 Reliable Hosting Service Providers in Pakistan

Having an online presence in the form of a website in today’s world has its own benefits. You are always there to assist your prospects, your product/service starts reaching out to a wider audience and above all you make a good profitable income out of it. But just as much as the aesthetics and functionality of a website play an important role, choosing the right server for your website also holds priority importance.  

Why Having a Reliable Web Hosting is of Priority Importance in Pakistan?

Top 5 Reliable Hosting Service Providers in PakistanPlanning to start up your own online business in Pakistan? Well, in all honesty, launching a website and making it survive is no easy feat. If you want the business to fully survive and thrive online, the first and foremost thing which you need to address is getting a good server. Because, believe it or not, the perfect web server can work some real wonders for your online solution. So what is actually a good server?

In my opinion, a good server should be capable of handling unexpected traffic spikes, observe secure end-to-end connectivity and ensures maximum uptime for its respective users.

Now, if you want all that and much more along with timely maintenance, you can easily find a number of web hosting solutions in Pakistan. But today, I am going to shed light on some of the cheapest web hosting services in Pakistan for you. So without further Ado, let’s begin our review on different web hosting service in Pakistan.

The Top 5 Pakistani Web Hosting Solutions on the Internet

Are you looking for some of the best local web hosting services currently active on the Internet? Let’s take a deeper delve and explore the different web hosting options available in Pakistan.

HosterPK (Starting at 2300 PKR/Year)

Searching for a reliable web hosting plan in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad? Well, I advise you to not look any further than HosterPK. It is an amazing web hosting platform which offers secure, fast and reliable hosting service to all its users. HosterPK claims that it is a good budget web hosting. It has hosted more than 5000+ websites across the entire country.

HosterPK offers you unlimited space and an incredible bandwidth. But, it all costs you either speed or functionality in all honesty. They also offer you an easy control panel to manage your website, emails, FTP and databases. The FREE domains which they are offering are mostly .com, .net, .org, .info domains which are not easy to get for FREE. As far as their support team is concerned, they are known to be co-operative and they offer flexible plans to fit your needs.

The HosterPK service is incredible but only for small or medium scale businesses. In case, you believe your chosen niche is going to see some rad amount of traffic, then I suggest you consider a better option.

HostBreak (Starting at 2000 PKR/Year)

Next up on our list is HostBreak which is also a good web hosting solution. It has been operating within Pakistan for quite some time now. It has been around after the launch for almost two decades now.

Launched in early 2001, this affordable web hosting solution offers just about everything you want to make your website a success. It has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy name in the domestic as well as international market. It has also hosted websites for USAID, Ripah University, Efrotech, etc.  

If you want quality hosting service, than HostBreak can give it to you but only if you purchase their VPS servers or dedicated server solutions. Yes, the platform also offers these private dedicated solutions as well. It also offers cheap reseller hosting service in Pakistan on Windows and Linux based servers.

Other than that, HostBreak also offers you extra services such as SSL protection to provide safe streaming, business emails to send out brand personalized emails and more. Whether you wish to create a website on WordPress, Joomla or .Net Core, HostBreak has customized servers for all web applications.

In case, if you ever find yourself running short on resources, the support is always just a few clicks away. They are active and are operational around the clock.

Nexus Hosting (Starting at 1500 PKR/Year)

Rated as Pakistan’s third largest web hosting service provider, Nexus hosting service has earned its name among the prodigies in Pakistan based hosting services. Last I checked, these guys were the first to implement a working billing-system on their website. Though it had a few bugs which they corrected in time, but these guys were definitely the first!

At Nexus hosting, you can find four different types of hosting solutions. They offer shared hosting plan (the basic hosting), the business hosting plan (which is a bit better), a dedicated hosting plan (you get a separate IP and complete privacy) and a VPS server solution (where the IP remains the same but you still get a separate instance on a shared server).

But that’s not all that these guys are offering to their customers. At Nexus hosting, they also offer an email hosting service to their visitors which then again you may have to purchase separately. These guys have shown that they really care for their local people and hence they have a dedicated a separate hosting solution for entire Pakistan. You can now avail a web hosting in Karachi and web hosting in Islamabad at an affordable price.

What makes Nexus hosting a remarkable web hosting platform is the ease of service it provides to customers. You can literally work from any place at any time with a secure and reliable connection. To become a part of Nexus, you don’t have to pay up any upfront cost. Just pay for the subscription package you wish to use and before you know it, you are running your business on a secure network online.

4) Inspedium (Starting at 1,104 PKR/Year)

Another leading name in the web hosting market of Pakistan is none other but Inspedium. It provides managed web hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and reseller hosting service to all the audience.

According to my research, Inspedium stands ahead from the rest of the crowd is because these guys claim that they are super flexible and incredibly exceptional when it comes to managed hosting.

Alongside offering just a simple hosting solution, these guys keep a thorough check and balance on the network security options, observe consistent system monitoring, keep track of data storage, handle load balancing, offer disaster recovery service and application management.

That’s quite a lot of interesting stuff coming from just a simple brand offering hosting solution in Pakistan. But, it’s legitimacy can only be measured if you try one of their servers and test all the features.

5) WebSouls (Starting at 700 PKR/month)

Last but not least on our list today is WebSouls. From the looks of it, I believe it is a pretty decent hosting website service coming from someone who is investing in a web hosting solution for Pakistan. But, then I checked their pricing plans and realized that what they are changing kind of even the odds out.

Just like any other hosting solution on the block, with WebSouls you get domain registration, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and reseller hosting packages. On the plus side, they are SSL certified too.

They are the official partners of the Cpanel in Pakistan which is one of the largest web hosting control panels in the world. They have invested more than 14 years in the web hosting industry and to keep spam away from your servers, they keep a thorough check and balance from more than 250 spam houses.  

Their pricing plans are a bit too high, but they have a very decent customer support service.

Why Opting In for a Domestic Hosting Solution is Not a Great Option?

Now comes the big question? Are web hosting solutions powered in Pakistan are actually reliable? We can’t actually say that they are totally unreliable but they are not designed to handle a large amount of traffic.

Why? Because many international web hosting brands are leveraging server solutions from the big giants such as Google Compute Engine (GCE) & Amazon Web Service (AWS). These are such infrastructures which are renting out server space to anyone who’s ready to afford it.

Mostly, these server spaces are acquired by web hosting solutions worldwide but they also have a nearby large data center of GCE and AWS offering them good speed, better connectivity, backup & security, nearby instances and what not!

Whereas, in Pakistan, servers are mostly created on a small-scale data center or a virtual data center which is layered through multiple third-party connections to one such large data center of AWS or GCE.  

Why Choose SiteGround Instead?

Now, if you are planning to create a website and work with it on a small scale, let’s say locally, then opting in for a Pakistani based web hosting solution definitely does not sound like a bad option. But just in case, if you are planning to create an enterprise level or large scale website (such as an international SaaS-based product or an e-commerce solution) then it is quite important that you should opt-in for a much reliable hosting solution.

In my opinion, nothing serves the purpose as greatly as Siteground does.

Siteground is one of the leading web hosting solutions in the entire world. The platform does not only offer packages which are incredibly affordable but there hosting service is also remarkably reliable. The best thing about hosting your website on siteground is that you will rarely experience any website downtime. It’s because their servers are designed to handle a large amount of traffic and are custom-tailored to deliver highly scalable solutions.

Here are all the reasons why you should consider Siteground as your hosting option:

  • Maximum Uptime (99.996%)
  • Improved Performance & Security
  • Free SSL Certification
  • Multiple Free Service Add-ons
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Affordable Priced Servers (All Types)
  • Excellent Server Response Time

So when was the last time you considered to purchase a web hosting solution for your online business? Want to go and grow big! Choose Siteground over anything else. Trust me, it will be worth the investment.

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