Uploading Files to Server via PHP in Urdu & Hindi

Uploading files to a web server in PHP is not a difficult job, just you need to know about inserting multi-parts data into web server. An image or video has multi-parts data such as the name of the file, the type of the file, the size of the file and a temporary name of the file. So in these PHP tutorials you’ll learn how to insert/upload images to web server or offline local server. We can display the images after uploading them.

You can also watch our already published tutorials on web development here:

PHP tutorials in Urdu

Here is the series of video tutorials in Urdu language, by watching these tutorials you’ll learn uploading files in PHP, and you’ll also be able to display the uploaded images.

Uploading files in PHP video #1

Uploading files in PHP video #2
Uploading files in PHP video #3
Uploading files in PHP video #4
These tutorials are just basic tutorials about PHP, the advance parts of PHP tutorials will soon be published on this site, you’ll learn creating a search engine, creating complete website which will be having images, videos and much more.
And here we go, watch the complete PHP & MySQL new video course in Urdu by following below link:

The new course in above link is a completely updated course of PHP & MySQL and you can learn many more things by watching that on its respective page. We’ll always to try to spend more time to create practical courses with a lot of projects, so that you can be familiar with web development in the future.

You should always practice using NotePad++ because  by practice you can remember the codes, and while learning PHP you became familiar with the syntax slowly and gradually.

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