WordPress v Blogger Which Platform is Better?

As all of might know that we recently moved this blog from blogger to WordPress. The reason was, because blogger disabled our blog without giving any reason, and we requested that blog for restoration, but their review process is very long process which sometimes can take months for a blog to be reviewed. Therefore, we couldn’t resist to start our blog on any other platform, and as WordPress said to be the best blogging platform, we started this blog again on WP. Now in this post I’m going to compare WordPress with Blogger, and this will be a long series, because I want to let you know from starting, so the first video tutorial is just about knowing the pros & cons of both platforms. However, in later tutorials, I’ll be explaining when to choose WordPress, or you can say when to shift from Blogger to WP. After that, I’ll teach you the customization of WP, the optimization of WP and the security of WP which is very necessary.

wordpress v blogger in urdu

The first video about this series is live here which you can watch in Urdu & Hindi languages:

Basically, we have discussed some good points and bad points of both these platforms, so here I’m going to list the good points of Blogger and WordPress hosting and tools.

Good points of Blogger:

  1. Free Template Customization
  2. Free Web Hosting forever
  3. Free Templates
  4. Very Secure
  5. Full Backup option

Good Points in WordPress:

  1. Professional Premium Themes
  2. Self-hosted platform
  3. More SEO friendly than blogger
  4. Thousands of free plugins for every blog task
  5. Access to all files & root Directory

Now there are some weaknesses or bad factors in both of these platforms which should also be listed here.

Bad points of Blogger:

  1. Not SEO friendly
  2. Not Access to Root Folder
  3. Can disable/delete your blog anytime
  4. Don’t have any trusted plugins
  5. Don’t have good customer support

Bad points in WordPress:

  1. Not Secure

I understand that there is only one weakness in WordPress which is self-defend security for your website, because in blogger everything regarding security is done by Google itself, but in WP you’ve to take measures to secure your blog, but this is not a big problem. Because you can easily secure your blog by installing some plugins and making some other changes. And also you can backup your blog easily, so in case your blog is hacked, you can restore it within minutes.

Now it was just the introduction of these platforms, however, I’ll be giving you more tips in the future and also will suggest you the best. Keep in touch.

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