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Test yourself in the competitive education market by becoming an instructor. Unlock your true potentials and direct that energy into others willing to learn.

Become an Inspiration

Educate enthusiastic students from all walks of life to become a beacon of inspiration. Help them learn and advance in their lives in your footsteps.

Earn Your Way Up the Charts

Set your price & earn every time a student purchases your online course on our platform. We dispatch payments monthly through Payoneer/Paypal.

Instructor Rules

Follow Our Three Step Process to Become a Successful Instructor

Strategize Your Education Plan

To become a successful instructor, you need to create a well-thought-out education plan. Therefore, we want you to choose your niche and set your curriculum straight. Segment your classes and plan your lectures accordingly. After all, you don’t want students to stay confused once they purchase the course. You can also document everything and maintain a checklist to track your achievements. Just make sure that your education plan has the objective of becoming an inspiration for the student.

Create Videos for Your Courses

Already strategize your education plan? Now grab a DSLR camera and a noise cancellation microphone, START recording. You can also include live tutorial videos and screenshots, run a screencast and dictate masses using powerpoint slideshows, show facts and figures and do more. We encourage you to tap into your creative mind and explore. At Online Ustaad, sky’s the limit. Not so sure whether your course is going to sell? Need help in pricing your course? Let our review teams go through your work and suggest if there is any room for improvement.

Build a Community & Earn Money Build a Community & Earn Money

Create robust methodologies to keep your students engaged throughout the course. Allow them to test what they have learned by offering them a small quiz at the end of each chapter. Let them ask questions that boggle their mind and answer them to build their confidence up in your course plan. The more you win at winning their consent, the more you get heard among others. And before you know it, you will be making a fortune out of your online course.


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