How to Find Free Music for Your Videos?

Majority of video creators including myself strive to find free music for their videos. Using background music in your videos can be very tricky in terms of copyrights, as this can destroy your production if you are going to publish it online on YouTube or any other medium such as your website in order to make money online. However, you need a little care in order to be on the safe side, and that’s why I’ve come up with some free resources to find free music for your videos.


How to Find Free Music Online?

The first and foremost saying is that “free” word is the most expensive word. In the royalty free music industry, most of the time you have to give credit back to the creator of the music when you use their music in your commercial or noncommercial production. Sometimes, You’ll find absolutely free music where you don’t need to give any credit to the original creator, but that’s not always the case.

If you properly understand and utilize the Creative Commons Licences, you’ll be glad to know that you can use almost any type of MUSIC in your videos for free. But the science here is that nobody is interested in reading or mastering the terms and conditions of these licences.

A few days ago, I published a guide on how to find free images for blog posts, some of my readers asked me on YouTube about free Music, and I then researched about it, because I myself have been very careful while using free Music as it can create troubles in no time.

I found many websites for free music, but most of them I doubted about. Even the most popular website has copyright problems with music. So I won’t suggest taking free music from SoundCloud to use in your commercial projects.

I found some of the below resources you can confidently use to get free music from and include in your commercial or non-commercial productions such as YouTube tutorials and explainable videos. I myself use some of the background musics for quite sometime without any issue.

Watch the Urdu/Hindi Tutorial for this

YouTube Free Music Library

The first resource I’ll recommend is the great YouTube itself, YouTube has gathered a great collection of free Music tracks from hundreds of creators around the world. You can find which type of licence you want for a music by playing it in the YouTube library, I find it very easy to select music for my videos.

You can find music by category and by creator. It has given you many filters to select from and choose your music track conveniently. For practical explanation, please watch the video above in Urdu/Hindi.

Vimeo Free Music Library

Vimeo is the second giant in video sharing after YouTube, they also have a free music library where you can find premium music as well. I’m selecting these official platforms, because they are also very serious about any type of copyright claims. Almost every free music in the Vimeo Library needs a credit/attribution from you back to the original creator as required by Creative Commons Licence.

The last platform I’ll recommend is I was really inspired by the quality work the French musician has done on his website. He has a royalty free music category, where you can use his MP3 music in any of your video, and can make money with that video online. You just need to credit him back with a link of his site in the description of your video. He has total of 69 music tracks on his website, and if you go for a subscription package then you can buy all the music tracks for $129.

I recommend this platform just because of the quality music tracks I found there. And one thing to be noted that if you buy his music for your professional work then you always have a proof to show that you have purchased the music. As you might know, sometimes unintentionally your background music matches with any other guy or company on YouTube and you Automatically get a strike, which you can resolve if you have the proof.

Please watch the video tutorial above in Urdu/Hindi to clear all of your doubts, and if you still have any questions then do let me know in the comments. Thanks!