How to use Paypal Account in UrduHindi [Video]

Paypal is no about the biggest giant of online transactions and online payment services. It is the most powerful and secure online banking system which is used by millions of internet users, marketers, companies and freelancers to transfer their funds around the world. The most likable thing in Paypal is; it secures its customers and is a faster service to receive and send money online. Currently, we have heard a lot about Paypal arrival in Pakistan. The Imran Khan government is in talks with the PayPal management to successfully bring them onboard keeping in view the growing freelancing industry in Pakistan. Let’s see when we hear the official arrival of the company in the country. But before that, we need to learn about how to use Paypal Account in Urdu.

We previously discussed about how to withdraw money from Paypal in Pakistan, and we also gave you tutorial on getting a Debit card in Pakistan. While in today’s tutorial, we will teach you via a video tutorial in Urdu that how can you use your Paypal account. So You’ll learn the important sections of your Paypal account while watching this 11 minutes simple video in Urdu and Hindi. we hope you’ll get it very easy to understand and simple to learn.

How to use your Paypal account easily?

As I already mentioned that we’ve given you enough details to withdraw money from your Paypal account in Pakistan, but this time I’ve taken a step forward to teach you in a video tutorial that how can you easily manage your Paypal account. This video is in Urdu language and you’ll learn sending funds to other people using your account, you’ll learn how to do other simple tasks like adding new emails to your account and creating “Donate” and “Buy now” buttons etc. Let’s have a look at this awesome video first then we’ll talk more about Paypal.

How to Use Paypal Account [Video in Urdu]

So having watched the above simple video in Urdu language, we can hopefully say that you guys have learned something new by watching this video and also you’ve learned how to use Paypal account. In the video above, we have shown you my own Paypal account which we use for the last few months and we enjoy sending money and receiving money using this great service.

What are the great benefits of Using Paypal?

There are many advantages you can take while using Paypal, but I’d just mention a few of them here.

  1. Paypal gives you powerful tools to receive payments for your services
  2. Paypal gives you built-in business solutions for online business
  3. Paypal charge the lowest amount on all transaction
  4. Paypal uses the most powerful security system to protect its customers
  5. Paypal gives you the option to receive donations from people directly to your PP account

I just mentioned some of the features that Paypal has for its customers, while there are many more features you can explore while having your own PP account.

So how was this tutorial for you? was this helpful or not? and also tell us about our new video tutorials what we have just started to create on different things for you. You have commenting form below to ask your questions and to give your precious feedback for making video tutorials on different topics for you in Urdu language because this blog will always be mainly for Urdu users.