Never Copy Content From Other Websites

This is actually a topic which is concerned the most nowadays, everyone forbid others to not copy anyone’s content. This is because it is a time-killing and time-wasting practice. There are many reasons why you must not copy anyone’s content. Come on guys, it is not 2002, it is 2013 where everything is like a mirror, you can’t hide yourself having done cybercrime or theft. This is something serious you must be taking care of from now. Just watch the below video in Urdu which descriptively explained the issue. However, we may later talk more about it.

Here is the video in Urdu & Hindi about Copyrights:

Copying others content especially text/articles is same like thieving, so, therefore, it is now considered very serious crime and everyone takes immediate actions against the website/blog which is publishing content copied from other sites.

All these accounts will be in danger if you repeated the practice of copying other’s content:

  • Google Adsense (Will be disabled)
  • Blogger Blogs (Blogs are disabled due to copyright issues)
  • Blogger Account (Account may be completely disabled due to copyright issues)
  • YouTube (Youtube is very strict in copyright issues, an account is deleted)
  • Search (Your site/blog will be removed from search engines if identified as copycat)
  • You’ll lose all of your traffic
  • The copyright owner can case against you

These are just a few examples, there are many other reasons you should avoid breaking copyright rules. You should always try to write your own content by yourself. If you can’t then, kindly first take your time and learn things from the internet and after that when you’ve comprehensive knowledge then come to work with your own efforts. Internet is not going anywhere, it is here and will always be.

We are telling you this because I don’t want you should be wasting your precious time, for Exp: if you worked on your blog for 4 months or 6 months and after that many people or just a few people reported you to Google and other responsible organizations then your blog/site will be completely destroyed, so your 4 or 6 months will go in vain. Therefore, you should take a lot of care about this thing.

If you got questions then kindly let me know by commenting below the post, and again avoid copying content.