Student Registration System in PHP/MySQL in Urdu/Hindi

Creating a web development project in PHP is no longer a big game, We’ve been sharing PHP Tutorials with our readers in Urdu/Hindi, and we created many practical projects in PHP such as creating a simple website in PHP and creating a basic CMS in PHP. Furthermore, we shared a complete series of PHP tutorials in Urdu. Still, we think that sharing more tutorials is necessary in order to make our students up to date and happy, so they can learn more and can make their web development career brighter. We also have a complete (Paid) PHP & MySQL course in Urdu/Hindi which we used to sell and still we are selling it, but we are about to replace this course with a new updated version according to 2015. Therefore, we thought to share a project “Student Registration System in PHP” with you which was included in the DVD course. This simple project will have two parts; students can register by entering their details and there will be an Admin Panel where the Admin can view/edit/delete the registrations. Additionally, Admin can insert new students using the Admin panel GUI and can search for students using their Roll # or name.

Creating the Student Registration System

As we mentioned above, it’s a simple project for a school or college, a kind of registration system for students, but some learners requested us to add an additional feature something like searching for students using their Roll Number or their name, so we included that as well, and you’ll find this tutorial very helpful for your web development learning.

We’ll create the following pages/files for this project:

  • user_registration.php
  • view.php
  • edit.php
  • delete.php
  • admin_login.php
  • logout.php

The above simple PHP pages cover this whole project, the first part of this project is to create the student registration form where students can submit their details, and the second part is viewing/deleting/editing the students’ information inside the Admin Panel.

We’ll also create a database called “students” inside the PHPMyAdmin and we’ll create a table “user_reg” inside the database so we can store the information submitted by the students. That’s it.

Student Registration System (Video Tutorials)

Now it’s time to watch the video tutorials in Urdu/Hindi to learn this project practically, all the video tutorials are uploaded to and videos are with good quality and sound. We’ll also share the source code of this project with you so that you can get help from that as well, but we’ll only share the source code with you when you’ve shared this tutorial on all social networks i.e Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, etc. Please also remember that the videos below are in a YouTube playlist, so you must open YouTube if you are watching from Pakistan.

Now watch all the video tutorials one by one and learn this thing yourself!

After watching the above series of video tutorials, I can say you have learned this project very easily, and we’ll keep our efforts in the future in order to create more updated and great video courses for you regarding PHP and web development. We’ve helped thousands of students building their career in web development and SEO, and we’ll keep doing the good work because we know how peaceful we feel when we do something really good for the community.

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