Simple Tips to Increase YouTube Subscribers by 500%

There are many tools people use to give a quick boost to their YouTube subscribers such as and many more. However, they are not real subscribers, they are just fake subscribers which will not help your channel in the long run. And above all, these services violate/break YouTube’s terms which I’ll explain further in this article. Then what’s the right and legal way to increase YouTube subscribers? that’s the question of the day and I’m going to share a few real tips with you.


YouTube Policy on Fake Subscribers?

You should always keep in mind that real subscribers will watch your future videos and will engage with the content you publish on YouTube. in that regard, you should expect to increase the subscribers naturally and using the white hat methods. YouTube will delete fake accounts and those which are using artificial techniques to gain subscribers and views. Read about YouTube Copyrights

Here is the YouTube terms & conditions link which clearly states that you should not use “Addmefast” type of platforms for gaining subscribers and you should not buy subscribers/views:

How to Increase Real YouTube Subscribers?

Now, you want to know some ways to increase real subscribers which can be an asset of your channel for a long time. Keep in mind that, real subscribers will always increase slowly, and if you have very popular and viral videos then subscribers will increase very fast (naturally), but if your videos are normal/ordinary then have patience for subscribers. Remember this quote “Rome was Not Built in one Day”.

If you manage a YouTube channel and don’t have a blog/site yet then create your blog/site as soon as possible, because this way, you’ll get benefit from both of your assets, and just in case you lose your YouTube channel, the blog/site will support you financially and socially.

Steps to Increase YouTube Subscribers: 

The above three simple steps will increase your YouTube subscribers by 500%, and there are many more simple and real methods to increase your subscribers naturally.

And furthermore, your subscribers will automatically increase, if you create high quality useful videos, you should be working to establish a true brand on YouTube. People who watch YouTube videos are those who love branded channels and good content. Good Luck.