Top 10 Reasons Stop You From Making Money Online

You’ve heard enough about these phrases such as make money online, how to make money, be your own boss and become a millionaire in no time and blah blah blah. I’ve heard and read about the same sentences in last 5 to 7 years since I’m working online.

Enough of that fuss, right? let’s have a closer look into a very different topic for today which is “Top 10 Reasons which Stop You From Making Money Online” a total opposite of what I mentioned in the first paragraph.


Don’t get me wrong, but seriously, it’s time to realize the most important process of becoming successful either online or offline. There are some or many people who will not be able to make money online if the are creating these reasons I’m mentioning below.

I’m not writing this post to discourage anyone. I’ll talk with facts, and the facts are from my personal experience over the past decade. I’ll clearly mention the reasons for why many people will not make money online.

The Possible Reasons to Not Make Money

There are some GREAT reasons I’ll tell you which people create themselves for themselves to stop themselves from making money online on the internet. Yes, those reasons are genuine and need to be taken care of in order to make huge money online. Let’s have a quick look into these reasons.

#1 – The Shortcut & The People

If ROME was built through a shortcut then I’d happily say that people will start making huge and great money on the internet by using their beautiful and some ugly shortcuts. I mean, where in the world I can find a beautiful house to live via a shortcut. And where in the world is a shortcut to reach London. People seriously need to think about getting rid of the shortcuts now. There is no shortcut towards a beautiful and stable future.

You’ll not make money online if you are still using the “shortcut” trick. 

#2 – People are Not Serious

People are curios but not serious. Making money online is not a joke anymore, it requires serious attention. When I see people who want to make money, but still acting like a joker in comments on people’s status who already make money online. Why don’t they seriously think to make money online and start planning it from today, internet is full of unlimited resources. I mean, making money online is a serious business.

You’ll not make money online if you are not serious about it.

#3 – Lack of Passion

There was an extensive passion behind the invention of the computer which I’m using right now to show you my this writing. And there was a great passion behind the “electricity” I’m using right now at late night to show my this piece. I was passionate enough to change my life through the internet. And passion comes from within yourself, it’s not something you can borrow or buy. Passion is the second name of success before the actual success on the ground.

You’ll not make money online if you are not passionate enough. 

#4 – Lack of Knowledge & Skills

The most powerful weapon in the modern world is knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more will be chances to make money online. Don’t get me wrong, but you need some great knowledge and skills about the thing you are going to use in order to make money online on the internet. Hint: Internet is full of knowledge and skills.

You’ll not make money online if you don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills.

#5 – Inconsistency in Performance

In my early online days, I was able to make a few people ready for making money online. And they made some smart income within a few months of time. After that, they went to sleep and waited for more income to come automatically to their pockets. And then they disappeared not only from the internet but also from my life  ? that’s why one needs to keep the consistency in order to make more and more and more money online.

You’ll not make money online, if you are not consistent in what you are doing.

#6 – Lack of Patience

Patience is the most important habit in online earning. If you are lacking patience then don’t expect huge and great money. I myself dived into the online world in 2009, and you know what, I’m still active like day one but with patience. I always run in the race like the “Turtle“, and I know the patience will soon pay off.

You’ll not make good money online if you don’t have the habit of patience.

#7 – Too Much Expectations

I started getting success the day I decided to not expect from people. I mean you’ll never make things happen if you expect that from other people. For instance, you have paused a project or something that you expect somebody else will come to you and will move it forward; seriously, it’s a big joke. You should find ways to do it yourself and never ever expect other people to do it for you. Partnership is a different thing though.

You’ll not make money online if you expect too much from others.

#8 – No Clear Path or Goal

When I have conversation with people, they usually ask me what they should do? I never understood this question. I mean why should people ask others about what to do? if you ask me a clear question like what you should do in Pattaya or New York then I’ll be able to answer because I already have been to these places. But if you ask me a stupid question like what you should do in your life then I’ll have no answer to that.

You must be able to think and decide what you should do in your life, you have brain, you have mind, you have internet to research and everything which can you help you decide what you should do in your life. Do what you love and clearly find your path and goal.

You’ll not make money online if you don’t have a clear path or goal. 

#9 – No Ethics – No Rules

When I started making money online back in 2010, I was contacted by a person from London via email, he said I’ve copied one of their articles and have published on my blog (Though, I had copied it from Wikipedia). He mentioned in the email, if I did not remove the content, he’ll report me to Google and my Adsense account will be banned.

I immediately removed the content, and started researching about this copyright thing, I never know such thing exist in the world. But it took me 3 to 4 months to fully understand about copyrights and intellectual property rights. And since then I’ve set the ethics and rules for my online presence and that includes not to copy, not to use pirate tools or software and above that not to do any illegal or unethical thing on the internet. And today I’m happy with the rules and ethics I had set back in 2010.

You’ll not make great money online if you have no ethics and no rules.

#10 – Doing Too Many Things

Back in the days when I started learning computer and internet. It was easy to engage in more than a dozen online things at the same time. The reason was simple, things would not move too quickly. For instance, the Windows XP had a stable version for many years. And the Google search engine never changed its algorithms in 5 years of time.

However, today the world is different. Things get updated and change dramatically. You have learned a skill tonight, and tomorrow that’s expired or no more useful. This is the reason why you must keep your concentration on the only things you are capable of doing, and which you love the most. Do one thing properly and professionally instead of doing 20 things poorly. This is the success formula in the modern world we live in today.

For instance, I started with web development, online marketing, SEO, Blogging, YouTube, Graphic DesigningWeb Designing and so many other things back in 2009. At that time, I was successful even with all of these subjects, but over time I had to get rid of Graphics, Web Designing and eventually I had to left Web Development. Now, my focus is only on marketing and blogging.

You’ll not make huge money if you are not doing the right thing at the right time. 

The Bottom Line 

I have honestly explained the reasons which cause the gap between you and the money on the internet. If you really want to make money online then make a small difference in the world, the small difference will change your life forever. Don’t go for BIG things, think big but start with a small step, and you’ll reach the destination you have in mind. Don’t care about what people say about you, focus on your goal and make it happen.

I made a very small difference, and that changed my life. I contributed very small to the world of web development and online teaching, and that changed me financially, emotionally and physically. You need to find what you can do and contribute to, everything you do is a contribution. Find your goal and make it a reality.

I did nothing in 2015 except visiting a few countries for tourism, and earned One Crore in One Year. That was because of the work I previously had done and which paid off later.