YouTube Monetization & Partner Program in Urdu/Hindi

YouTube has recently added Pakistan to the list of countries which now can participate in the YouTube Partner Program where video creators can monetize their videos by displaying Google Ads to make money online. If you were someone who had so many useful videos on YouTube and were not able to make money out of it then it’s time to start chilling as the time has finally come.


What’s YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube partner program or simply YouTube monetization is a way for video creators to make money online. Using this feature, one can “Enable Monetization” option in their channel, and thus can start make money with the views they receive on their videos.

The estimated revenue from videos is vary by topic and by geographical location of the viewers. But as a general idea, you’ll make $1-2 for per 1000 views if the traffic is from low-costing regions such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. And you’ll make between $5-10 from 1000 views if your traffic is from high-costing countries such as USA, Canada and Australia.

The criteria for joining YouTube Partner Program is to have at least one approved video which is either created by you or have rights of that video to upload it on YouTube. You must also verify your account in order to be eligible for Monetization with YouTube.

Please Watch The Complete Video Tutorial in Urdu/Hindi

How to Get Started with YouTube Monetization?

In order to start making money on YouTube, you simply need a few videos which you have originally created. And you need a Gmail account that you can use anywhere within the Google services. Go to YouTube and login with your Gmail account, the next step is to click on “Upload” option at the top right and create your Channel straight away.

If you already have a YouTube channel then simply upload your videos there. Upload a few videos which are interesting and useful for the YouTube community, so you can get more and more views on that.

The next step is to go to the Channel Setting which is on the top right when you click your channel Photo. There you’ll find the “setting gear icon” near “Creator Studio”, you need to simply click that gear icon in order to access the advance setting to enable YouTube monetization.

The next step is to click on “View Additional Features”, and you’ll find all the additional features that you can use in order to enhance the performance of your channel. And the first option there is called “Enable Monetization”. You need to simply click that and hurrah. You have enabled monetization on your videos.

Create or Link Your Adsense Account

The next and final step is to link your Adsense account with your YouTube channel so that you can receive the money you have earned on YouTube, and you can get paid. For this, you’ll need to go again to that “View Additional Features” page where you need to click “Monetization Setting”. There you’ll see an option “How will I be Paid?“.

Simply click that option, and you’ll be taken to the next page where you either can login to your existing Adsense account or you’ll have to create a new Google Adsense account in order to receive and withdraw your Your YouTube earning. If you create a new account, then remember that it’ll be a hosted Adsense account, and that simply means you can’t display the ads on your website or blog from this account.

For displaying Google Ads on your site or blog, you’ll need a non-hosted Adsense account which you can create by applying for your Website/Blog. That’s also a very straightforward process and explained here in Urdu.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask that in the comments below. I’ll be glad to answer your questions related to this post. Thank you for reading and watching the tutorial.