5 Best Websites for Buying WordPress Themes

There should be no further doubt that WordPress is the most commonly used CMS (Content Management System) for creating any type of website. Whether its a small blogger or a corporation, WordPress has become everyone’s #1 choice to start their business website with. After starting up a site/blog on WP, the site owner looks for the best and unique design which meets their specific requirements. And that’s why WordPress designers have built thousands of premium themes which one can buy from different marketplaces as well as particular websites. So in this page, we will share the top 5 places from where you can easily buy the best theme which suits your WP site. You can buy your desired theme for your WP website very easily and these themes are something you’d really love in fact.

The first point to be noted is that; Premium WordPress themes are more professional than any other platform, they are the best in design as well as the functionality they have to make them unique among others.

The second thing to be noted that you can never establish a long term business or website with a free WP theme, you must buy a premium theme if you want to present your website in a unique way. Using Free WordPress themes are not recommended by me. Because they are not well-coded, not well designed and more importantly not SEO optimized by default, while when you pay to someone, they provide you a great thing in return.

The third point to be noted that; There are some specific companies who have their own websites and they sell their WP themes directly to their customers, while there are marketplaces which are open for all the companies and designers, and everyone can offer their theme for selling using these marketplaces. So I’ll give you 5 best places to buy premium WP themes, this includes companies as well as market places.

#1. (MarketPlace) is the best and largest marketplace for WordPress themes, there are hundreds of designers who create unique WP themes and offer them for selling using this great platform, not only WP themes, but you can also find HTML templates, Blogger Templates, Joomla Themes, different CMS scripts and many other kind of website themes and templates using You can find a theme for your WP blog/site of any category. Just make a search if you are not able to find the theme easily.

#2. WooThemes .com

This website actually provides you a large number of WP themes that may match your “Idea”. You can have many categories over there to search your desired themes from. While browsing this website you can find WP themes for Ecommerce websites, themes for blogs, themes for companies and many other kinds of quality themes.  You can also use their WooCommerce plugin for free which handles all of your E-shopping tasks.

#3. (MarketPlace)

This is another market place to buy and Sell WordPress themes, you can find so many themes for your WP blog. Whether you have a business website or a personal blog, this website will provide you themes related to your category or your business. Do try it out if you want to have awesomeness and professionalism.


This is another WP themes provider which is a company actually and provides a list of professional WP themes, you can browse their themes by visiting the website at “”, I’ve already bought all of their themes and I’m using them on my blogs. So I’ll highly recommend you to get your theme from there if you want to have SEO friendly themes for your blog/site, here is the link to visit this website:


This is the last website in our list which you can visit to buy professional and Search Engine friendly themes for your WP website. I’m using their theme “Freshlife” on my website “”, and its working just fine in terms of passibility and simplicity. While it’s looking professional too. If you ever needed a great WP theme then must visit the above website.

I just shared few themes providers which I’ve used personally myself, but for a complete list of marketplaces you can visit this link to find more websites:

Moreover, you can search on for finding more websites to buy WordPress themes just by entering this phrase “Best marketplaces to buy WordPress themes”, however, as I mentioned the above-listed websites are used by myself and I’m satisfied with their service. You can go your way which you understand is better for you.

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