How to Customize each part of a Blogger Template in Urdu

Blogger templates are great to customize because the entire structure is located in one single file, so that you can easily access CSSHTML, XML and JavaScript’s part of the template. However, most of the blogger users can’t easily customize each part of their template, because they might be familiar with CSS and HTML, but they are not familiar with XML codes in which the entire blogger CMS structure is built. Therefore, having that in mind, we created a complete series of video tutorials on this and we are going to publish it here. This series will teach you about customizing the important parts of your blogger template.

Why it is considered a good practice to customer your blogger template? It is because the more you facilitate a reader who lands on your blog, the audience you will get. Google will also consider this as a good practice.

Here is the first video and the other videos links are provided one by one, all videos can not be inserted to this page because then you can face difficulties while loading the page, so it’s better you can visit the links one by one.

Watch all of the above tutorials one by one and I hope you’ll learn the important parts of blogger templates for easy customization.

In all above video tutorials, we’ll learn customizing the header of the blog, the footer of the blog, the image slider in the template, removing the image slider, changing the date and time, sidebar customization and many things more in blogger third party templates.

Also, By watching above tutorials you can come to about how to include Read More buttons in your custom template and how to change the default older Posts and New Posts links to stylish ones.

Hopefully, you’ll like these tutorials, and comments are warmly welcomed on this blog. Sharing this with friends is also a great favor in return.