Best SEO Link Building Methods in 2018

Link building is a fundamental part of any SEO project. For better SEO and Google ranking, link building the mandatory step. If you are confused about what are the best SEO link building methods then not to worry, we would here give you an updated overview of the best strategies. I am sure by following these easy to understand link building methods, you be able to enjoy the good blog ranking because Google continuously updates its algorithm strategies and this is why an SEO project handler should keep in mind the following link building strategies and methods.

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#1, Good Content matters:

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not but the quality of contents and articles is the key to success for every SEO project. It is a tip of SEO strategy that you should always create well-engaged content and articles for your website. The importance of good and quality content can not be ignored in SEO link building, because it would become the reason for you to get maximum traffic from social media and other networks.

#2, Quality Info-graphics:

Google always prefer the blogs to rank higher which have best and quality info-graphics. For this reason, you have to create top notch and valid info-graphics for your blog or website. Try your level best to create best info-graphics with valid data source so that your web site gets ranked higher. Another must remember thing is that you should embed your code in a way that no one else can track or hack it. This would tremendously increase your blog ranking because it is a very effective link building method.

#3, Directory Submissions:

Google prefer the blogs and websites which have used quality directories in order to submit their contents. Thus, directory submission is yet another very effective SEO link building method. The blogs which implement quality directory submission strategies, usually get very good PR. So you need to use the web directories as per your blog niche and submit it as much as you can.

#4, Guest Posting:

Guest posting is yet another very efficient SEO link building method. Try you get information about the best websites or blogs with PR 1 to 3 in order to write guest posts at. Within every article / post you write at such blogs, you can insert your own website’s link in order to get direct organic traffic. Almost all the bloggers and SEOs make use of this link building ideas because so far it has been a proven effective method to rank the websites. It is due to the reason that Google and other search engines crawl such websites better and easier so their rankings go higher and higher.

But make sure, you guest post for quality blogs and you know the website owner better for whom you are doing guest posting, because recently Google’s head of web spam (Matt Cutts) hinted to not do this practice everywhere for the sake of backlinks, but yeah, it’s still a great method to create backlinks but with authority and interaction.

#5, Using Social Media Networking Websites:

You should try to use as many social networking communities and forums in order to build quality links for your website. This can be done when you create both personal and professional profiles at facebook, twitter, linked-in, google+ and other social networking websites, and once the profiles have been created then the next step is to join the comments and communications and leave your website link over there. The more you input your efforts in this regard, the better organic traffic would be generated to your website, and thus the better would be its ranking.

All these methods are quite easy and once you get to know their significant role in ranking the website higher, I am sure you wouldn’t miss the chance of following them so that quality links are built for your website. So how did you like my post? Please let me know with your comments.

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