Camtasia Studio 7 Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Today, there is one more complete video course for our readers in the Urdu language. This course is about Camtasia Studio 7.0 which is one of the amazing software for screen recording. This software is used by almost every video producer around the world who want to create tutorials or some kind of training videos. I’m myself using it for the last 2 years and I learned many features of this software myself. I always try to improve the quality of the tutorials as well as the presentation. And this all is possible by Camtasia Studio. Now when I’ve some experience and command over Camtasia, so I thought to create a series of tutorials to teach you some of the essentials of Camtasia Studio.

Whenever you need to create a video tutorial or simply record the screen, you’ll, of course, need a software to do that job. And here comes Camtasia which has been the best so far for me, while there are many software out there which can also be used for the same purpose. Interestingly, but I found it the best among all, because I already tested much similar software to record videos, but Camtasia won my heart.

Best Features Camtasia:

Camtasia is very easy to use software which you can use for recording your screen while you want to make a tutorial or something like that, you can highlight your mouse during the recording, you can also record the clicks of the mouse when occurs. Moreover, you can pause the recording at any point and later can start from the same point.

After recording the video using “Camtasia Recorder” you can then simply edit your video using Camtasia Studio main interface. There is a large number of tools available to you for editing your video such as Zooming the video, adding a title, adding transitions, editing the audio/sound, making mouse setting and many things more. Lastly, you can always record face to face video with Camtasia, but for recording face to face video you’ll have to configure a webcam/camera with your computer/PC/Laptop, so then you can record live video of yourself with Camtasia.

For Advance video Editing you can watch: Ulead Video Studio Tutorials in Urdu

Some more advantages of using Camtasia are; you can directly publish the video on the internet using Camtasia built-in tool. You can convert your video to a High-quality MP4 file with less size using Camtasia convertor.

Camtasia Video Tutorials in Urdu/Hindi

Now here is the series of video tutorials I recently recorded using the same software, there are total 9 videos in which you’ll completely learn Camtasia studio in Urdu language. And I hope you’ll enjoy the course and will give us some great feedback in the comments. The tutorials are in a single playlist on YouTube which you can watch one by one on this page, but in order to watch YouTube videos you need to first open it in case it’s blocked your country, if you want to open YouTube then use ZenMate extension for Chrome browser, after you added Zenmate to your chrome browser then come to this page, and you’ll see the videos working fine for you. Let’s watch them now:

So after watching all the above series of tutorials, I’m happy in advance that you’ve learned something new today, while I’d suggest you to create video tutorials for the community. I try to record video tutorials every single day in Urdu language and then convert the videos into a standard format, after that, I upload the videos and then attached with posts on this blog. It is a very tough job, but once it’s done you feel very happy and proud. You can do this as I’m doing because the community needs your help, you can create video tutorials for this blog if you want.

If you have any question or suggestion then don’t hesitate to ask your question by commenting below the post, we will come up with an answer within a few hours.