How to Craft and Publish a book on Amazon Kindle

Are you a keen writer, a professional blogger, or anyone who wants to convey something special and make a living through writing but don’t have the resources to publish your work? Well, if this the case then Amazon Kindle may be a good choice for you. Follow the complete guide on how to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle.


Why choose Amazon Kindle?

Reasons are obvious, you don’t need to worry about publishers. Just write a book on your notepad with some assistance from user-friendly software and you are on your way to becoming an Author of your “Masterpiece“.

Online arena has made everything much easier. Whether your work is related to research or you want to communicate effectively with people, the task has become easier than ever.

Advantages of writing an Ebook

Monetarily beneficial

You may have witness people who wrote for the first time and became millionaires. Trying your luck in writing as a career if you’ve something special to say is not a bad choice at all. Amazon Kindle as it operates in E-Copies of books. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about publishing cost. On every sale of the copy of your book, you earn a percentage. Hence converting your writing into a lucrative career.

How much can you earn writing an E-Book?
The results vary greatly, starting from few bucks minimum to Millions of dollars at max. Guys like Kyle Taylor (Owner of Penny Hoarder), Stefan Pylarinos (Entrepreneur) manage to make six figures income through a single book.

Whereas, a decent writer can expect to earn $100-$300 per month depending upon the subject that he chooses to write along with the efforts of promoting his work.

Establishes the Authority


In every field of life and especially on the internet, “Authority” is everything. Whether you are a blogger, a fitness trainer or an expert related to some other field, what makes you special than the rests?

It is a Book Title attached with your name in your bio that defines your authority in that field. So, maybe your book doesn’t prove beneficial for you monetarily but still for the charm of calling yourself an “Author” worth the efforts.

How to start writing a book

In order to start writing a book. First, you must possess an irresistible idea for working on in your arsenal. You need to have something special to tell which people didn’t know before, related to your field of expertise what you possess and have worked on it for years.


As your reputation and stakes are on the line. For that reason, without an indulging and attention grabbing idea one must not think of starting a book. Start thinking of something special you want to convey. It could be anything but should be unique, valuable and worthy for the readers.

Title of the Book

Whenever you search for anything on kindle, what is the thing that aspires you to read the book?

It’s the Title of the book that casts an image in viewers mind about what’s in it, is it worth investing money and time to read it or not. It could be stated comfortably that title can be a winner or a loser of your entire efforts. Many writing legends say,

“Spend as much time thinking about the Title as you do to write the whole book”.

Make use of old strategies that have been working fine for years but at the same time try to make your Title unique, attractive yet truthful. Do not deceive people with your title as this will go against your favor.

Cover of an E-Book

As human beings, we tend to judge everything through our sense of imagination. Cover of an e-book plays a key role here defining your work. As a reader surfing on Amazon Kindle, when you have thousand of choices in which you have to choose a few. You tend to stop scrolling down where a catchy book cover grabs your attention. This is what makes a difference.

Select your book cover smartly then logically again bearing in mind to not deceive your readers by displaying a cover that is not related to your book’s topic.

Length of your Ebook

Before writing a book, one should keep in mind its length. In today’s world, people don’t have much time reading those thousand of pages of boring crap. They have tons of pieces to read spread all over them. They like and admire those who talk point to point rather than ones who like beating the bush.

That’s why try to make your book as short as possible. A book consisting of 15000+ words is enough to express the whole idea and to keep people indulged in it. Use the power of words. Ones which are motivational and keep the reader’s eyes open.

Write with proper facts and researches

To make it simple to understand, try to be in the shoes of the reader. What would probably inspire you, baseless unrevealed facts or facts backed with researches and proofs?

The Internet provides tons of data. To check the authenticity, it’s a human nature that we go for genuine proofs behind anything.

While writing, tend to reveal your sources as much as possible. If you’ve started an argument, back it up with researches and other proofs. Work on research and try to link them up with your arguments. Following this way, it would become easy to win people’s trust as they’ll start believing to what they are reading is coming from a genuine source.

Publishing an E-Book on Amazon Kindle

After doing all the hard work of crafting a book, it’s time to publish your work on Amazon Kindle. The task can be accomplished by following 5 simple steps.
1. Go to and sign-up thereby filling out the following page. Register your tax information for royalties as well.
2. Go to “Bookshelf“. A page will appear,


3. Fill-out the form that includes the primary language of your book, Book Title, keywords of your book (words that people type in search box related to your book’s topic), description, Authors name etc and move to next step.


4. Upload the cover of your E-Book (JPEG Format) and then upload book file. Fill-out other necessary requirements. Scroll down, click save and continue.


5. Next page is about pricing of the book. Choose “Worldwide Rights” option. Stick around 60% to 70% royalty rate and select your price that you want to charge for your book (Staying around $5 – $7 would be decent). Re-check all the data and click “Save and Publish” option.

The whole process completes here. Amazon will take 24 to 48 hours to publish your book and will let you know through an e-mail. In the meanwhile, you can prepare to promote your book.

Promotion of your Ebook

All your efforts will go waste if you skip this promotional part. Without letting anyone know about your book, you can’t have sales. For promoting your book, make a mixed strategy that includes online as well as offline efforts.

For online purpose, make use of social media and other online forums to find people that could be interested in your book. Establish your presence there by answering questions, participating in debates and through comments.

At the same time, tell others that are around you (your friends, relatives, and people you meet in your everyday life) about your book. Put in all the efforts that you can to find a possible customer offline.


At last, try to write with soul to make your piece of work exceptional. Your work is expressed through your words. The words you use could lift up an average idea and they could also sink your most genuine projects.

To be successful in business, you also have to try all different strategies to attract people towards your product. That requires self-belief and inner calmness as results won’t show overnight. And all they drive from your passion. So essence is to do everything from your heart as,

~Whatever you do, giving your soul to it guarantees the success~.