How To Make Money Online in Pakistan (Even If You Have No Skills)

To make money online is like a dream come true. You can stay at home, have your family close by always, enjoy a hot cuppa without having to ask your employer for a tea break, and most of all- still be able to make both ends meet like a real boss. Yes, making money online is like a real blessing, and just like the wonderful writer George Burns has said,

“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”

And you can literally do so by going out in the vast and beautiful world of the internet with open heart and mind.

How To Make Money Online In Pakistan?

Getting a job by traditional means or kicking off your business successfully can prove to be quite a feat in all-the-time dwindling economical state of Pakistan. Having more than 5 Million people being unemployed in Pakistan (Source: Pakistan Today) and getting neglected by the government left and right makes it all the more essential to look for a second option. And what can be a better option than online earning, which can be just as fulfilling as traditional Pak Jobs?

With half the world is using the internet (Source: Internet Worlds Stat) all the time, the opportunities for online jobs has increased tremendously.

Moreover, as most of the people in Pakistan also have access to the internet, they can utilize this opportunity to earn money in real life rather than seamlessly playing video games to make money in RuneScape.

Whether you are a housewife who has little kid whining for your attention all the time or a student who is always looking for side gigs to earn some extra pocket money, online jobs in Pakistan is definitely the ultimate way to get by.

How To Earn Money Online?

To earn money online, you have to get out of the mindset that you’re hitting a jackpot and earning thousands in a blink. Rather it’s more like doing business, though here you’re usually selling your skills on the internet.

Just like you need strong ideation and complete background knowledge before diving headfirst in any kind of business. It’s the exact same case here. You need to be deeply passionate, incredibly driven, super persevere, and extremely patient before delving into this electronic world to get some free money online.

Having basic English language skills at the very least is also necessary to make money online from home. Furthermore, a thorough knowledge of internet and computer can also not go amiss.

How Can Girls And Housewives Earn Money In Pakistan?

If you think making money online from home can be difficult, you need to have a wake-up call. We are living in the 21st century where the whole world is being digitized and everyone has a smartphone to boast about.

If you’re a girl or a housewife, and supposedly can’t go out to earn; the ultimate solutions is online earning. Making money online has never been as easy as it is today. We have thousands of websites that work equally good as they do anywhere else in the world. So, get off your high and idle horses and make money online now!

Here are various ways on how to make money online without paying anything,

Freelancing Opportunities

Freelancing can easily be the ultimate answer to all your earning money online queries. There are a plethora of opportunities here with multitudes of options. Especially, there can be lots of online jobs in Pakistan for students without the investment of any kind in freelancing. With minimal resources, you can effectively make money online and get yourself enough pocket money to last you a month.

To be able to do this, all you have to do is to:

  1. Polish your skills
  2. Define your niche
  3. Build a kickass portfolio
  4. Be completely sure and clear regarding what services you’re offering,
  5. And finally get started on online jobs as soon as possible.

While there are a lot of freelancers who are even earning 4 to 5 figures in a month, it not comes all in a few days. You need a lot of strategic planning, good time investment, and a lot of patience to get you through online earning in Pakistan

Best Online Earning Websites In Pakistan For Freelancing

There are many online earning websites that are offering freelance opportunities to people with different skills. Here are some that are extremely well-known for freelance online jobs in Pakistan,

  • Fiverr:

Fiverr is like a marketplace where everyone can easily sign up and sell their services for $5 (just as the website name implies) in different niches. The most interesting thing about this freelancing website is that there is a gig for everyone. Yes, everyone. From heavy stuff like writing business proposals to making others laugh by selling jokes, Fiverr covers all kinds of skills for you.

Moreover, it’s not like you can only earn $5 by selling a single gig. You can select any price ranging from $5 to $995. You can also work around your gig and add up extra services (like extra fast delivery) to make money more than the usual. All in all, it’s a fish market where you can make every skill of yours count.

  • Upwork:

Upwork is one of the best websites to make money online free. It doesn’t matter whether you are a programmer or a financial advisor, you can get on Upwork’s freelancing bandwagon without any worries.

Although, it has more than 12 Million freelancers registered at the moment, setting up your account is as easy as peeling onions. However, to get instant approval is another case. if you’re not the best at what you do and are not able to show it on your profile too, the chances of your profile getting approved in almost to none. So, beware!

Learn how t make money from Upwork from here: Upwork Guide

  • Freelancer:

Dubbed as one of “the world’s largest freelancing platform”, Freelancer is an ultimate hit for earning online substantially. This labor exchange marketplace has around 25 Million users and more than 12.28 projects have been advertised here, ever since it’s launch in 2004.

Freelancer covers various fields of work including writing, web development, web designing, data entry jobs, online marketing, and whatnot. You only need to spend a few minutes signing up on Freelancer, setting your profile smartly and appealingly, and start bidding on gigs to earn money right away.

  • People per hour:

People per hour is pretty straightforward in what it does. Although it offers all kinds of niches, if you’re particularly good with software engineering and web development, this platform is definitely for you.

To join, all you have to do is make an engaging profile, design attractive videos showcasing your provided services, look for jobs according to your skills, send customized proposals, and wait for the project to be awarded to you.

Good news for you is that you can send 15 proposals free of cost in People per hour, unlike Freelancer where you have to buy extra bids after bidding 8 times for free in a row.  

How To Make Money On The Internet Through Blogging

Blogging is an intriguing way to adapt to make money on the internet. Especially when you are passionate about something and want the whole world to know about it.

For blogging, your interest can be anything. If you travel a lot, you can start a traveling blog. If you’re a foodie and visit tens of new restaurants in a month, you can begin with a food review instantly. Though, coherent language and expert writing skills are important here.

If your English language skills are good enough and you have a niche decided for which you’re crazy about for sure, trust me you’re ready to set your blogging ship into the world of internet at any time.

Blogging Websites To Begin Your Journey As a Writer

There are basically two ways to start with blogging. Either you use free websites like Tumblr and Wix, or self-host your site. In favor of plenty of templates and features to better design your blog, I will definitely recommend going for self-hosting.

As a self-hosted blogging site, WordPress is the largest and most used content management system. So you can pick WordPress or other platforms like,

Other Platforms Can Help you in Earning Money from Blogging in Pakistan:

If a newbie is facing any difficulty in starting his or her personal blog; they can go for freelance content writing or blogging opportunities from these Facebook groups:

  1. Freelancers
  2. Freelancers in Pakistan
  3. Content Writers: Pakistan

Understand the Facts of Blogging Before Making Money With It   

Before starting your blog, you have to understand the logic of how to invest money to make money. Yes, to set up your blogging site you will have to spend some money on buying a domain name and web hosting. However, looking at the brighter side; this is going to be nothing in front of the real money you can earn in the future.

To begin with blogging, you will have to first search up a good domain name, buy web hosting, select beautiful templates, and start designing your website.

Now, you have to understand how much you can earn through blogging. Most of the well-known bloggers are full-time and earn up to as much as six figures.

Bloggers usually make 1% of their average page view -which means if you get 30,000 views a month, you can earn up to $300. Though, again, this like any other work is going to take a lot of hard work and time.  

A mind-blowing fact is that there are also other ways to monetize your earnings also. You can earn more with the help of a membership fee, affiliate programs, selling e-books, doing podcasts and webinars, and many more stuff.

Start Earning Through Google Adsense Account

Now, the question is how to make money through Blogging, and the ultimate answer is Google Adsense.

Basically using Adsense, Google puts up ads on your website (as you must have seen on different websites) for which you earn a specific amount whenever someone visits your page. This is the easiest way to make money online, as you don’t have to do a thing. From managing views to handling earnings, Google does all the work for you.

You can sign up with Google Adsense and start generating revenue asap. Though, this depends on your traffic. More the traffic, more you earn online!

Howbeit, just as I stated above, to start earning you have to be patient and extremely passion driven. Persistence is also the key here. So, if Google Adsense isn’t accepting your application, that is might be because your blog isn’t old enough to get approved- as the Google Adsense has a strict policy that your blog should be at least six months old. So, it’s better to wait a few months and apply for Google Adsense sign in once you have steady traffic.

Learn more about how to earn money from Adsense from here: Adsense Guide

Make Money Online Now By Affiliate Marketing

If you have your website set up already, you can also monetize your earnings by running affiliate promotions. For a medium sized website, the average affiliate income can be around $867/month (Source: Teachable), which is a huge amount.

You can easily sign up for affiliates programs to make money by partnering with businesses and brands within your own niche.

In affiliate marketing, you actually link different services and products with the help of affiliate codes that you receive when you sign up for a particular affiliate program. This way, you promote other brands and in return make extra cash when someone buys the given product or service using your code.

Know more about Affiliate Marketing from here: Online Ustaad

Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs online are like a blessing to those who don’t have any exceptional skills in almost anything -as it’s mostly only typing and entering data. For this, all you need is a computer, a good internet connection, software like Google Sheets or Excel, and you are good to go.

Although, with the emerging era of artificial intelligence and automation, this field is getting seriously jeopardized. The good news is that as we still don’t seem to be taken over by machines soon, so you can easily earn money online in Pakistan by typing. Here, online data entry jobs are still one of the largest fields in terms of considerable workload.

Platforms to Look For Online Typing Jobs In Pakistan

You can earn cash online by finding some good data entry jobs on platforms like,

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs
  • Craigslist  
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Service

Earn Money Online In Pakistan By Selling Your Old Stuff

One of the oldest and effective methods to turn up with some extra cash is Yard sales. Though, selling all your old stuff in your garden is so old fashioned. Not forgetting keeping up with buyers can get really frustrating.

With the advent of the digital world, it’s super easy to set up all your second-hand and used items for online sale. This is one of the easiest online jobs for students as you not only reduce the clutter at your home but also earn some serious cash. Even though strictly speaking it’s not a job. You make real money online, so who cares, huh?

Platforms to Sell Used Stuff In Pakistan

Here are some good websites where you can easily put pictures of your used and old stuff, and find buyers while making sure that you are not getting scammed,

  • Social Media:

This is the most fruitful platform as you can share pictures of your second-hand things on your profile and various groups on social media with small description and pricing. This will attract your friends and acquaintances only, whom you can easily be assured of authenticity and honesty.

  • OLX Pakistan

OLX Pakistan is inarguably the most famous platform for selling and buying old stuff here. From OLX in Islamabad to Karachi, this website is widely used all over Pakistan.

You can simply sign up, choose a category for your item, mention the details, set a price, upload up to 12 pictures, and post the advertisement to start selling.

  • Other Platforms

Bazarpk, Letgo, Shophive, Izloo, Frokht, and others.

How To Get Money Online By Selling Online Courses

If you have a skill that you can teach others, this online job is definitely for you. You can market your courses on any niche ranging from cooking, DIY tutorials, sketching, graphics, content writing, website designing, and many more.

The money-making opportunities by selling online courses are seamless. In fact, it can even be called as the best way to earn money online. According to some statistics, an average active instructor on Teachable can earn $5,500 monthly, which can also go up to seven digits figure. Similarly, on Udemy 25% of online course sellers make more than $800 a month (Source: Teachable).

To get started, you have to create your online course in either video or audio format, upload it to a marketplace of your choice, promote it, and start earning money at home as soon as possible.

Platforms To Teach And Sell Online Courses In Pakistan

Most of the websites operate just as good here as they do worldwide, so you never need to worry about selling your online courses. Here are some websites you can use to market your online courses on,

  • Teachable
  • Teachery
  • Udemy
  • Podia
  • Thinkific

How To Make Money Online From Home Through Referrals

If I were to name one thing that is easiest to get money online, referrals would definitely be my answer. Whether you are an established blogger or not, you can earn through referrals big time. Furthermore, even if you are just a listless housewife who has too much time at her hand, you can use referral links to share with your friends and family and either make money online or win some exciting incentives easily.

Platforms To Earn Online Through Referrals In Pakistan

Referrals are one of the commonest marketing strategies of almost every brand online. So you can always rely on it to get you some extra cash.

Here are some more websites, whose referral links can either help you win either some cash or store credits,

Referral Programs for Bloggers

  • LinkShare: You can earn up to $1.50 per referral
  • SkimLinks: You can earn up to 10-12% of your friends earning in the first year
  • Gazelle: You can earn $10 for each referral accepted

Win Store Credit

  • StitchFix: You can get $25 credit for each accepted referral
  • Food Panda: You can win Rs. 300 for each app download
  • Careem: You can get Rs. 50 in your app wallet for each signup

Get Free Money Right Now By Filling Out Online Survey Forms

Filling out surveys is just the perfect job for all those who love to state their opinion where it is not even required. Though, here they specifically ask for your opinion. A quick way to make money online and pass time while answering some interesting question is good enough. Right?

Platforms For Online Surveys In Pakistan

Although there are hundreds of websites globally that offer incentives if you fill online surveys, there are only a few which work in Pakistan. Moreover, the amount of emails requesting you to fill surveys is even less. So you can’t make thousands here, but spending 2-5 minutes for few bucks isn’t a bad deal, huh?

Why Is It So?

Now, if you’re wondering why we don’t have as much survey filling opportunities in Pakistan, the answer is quite easy.

Brands and businesses usually pay survey websites to put their online surveys live to understand the consumer’s point of view and help increase sales. However, if a country doesn’t have a substantial inflow of survey requests, of course, there will be fewer opportunities for filling out survey forms.

Here are some websites that you can sign up within Pakistan to start filling out surveys,

  • YouGov
  • e-RG/Elite Pakistan
  • PaidViewPoint
  • Toluna

How To Make Money Online For Free By Vlogging On Youtube

Youtube is like a black hole that literally sucks away all of your time. Though, how do you find seeing your own face or hearing your own voice here?

Youtube is now as big an online earning platform as it is a famous entertainment portal. Just last month, an intriguing story that made headlines was of a 7-year-old making $22 Million in 2018 by just playing with toys. Now that’s really something!

Vlogging on Youtube has emerged as a popular online work in Pakistan also. Even an average amateur YouTuber can make up to $15/month with only one video (SourceTeachable).

Making money online on youtube is quite easy. You only need to have a good camera at hand, set up your YouTube channel, ability to create and upload videos, have them monetized, and start making money sitting at your own home.

How To Make Money Online By Selling Ebooks

Although, we used to have to run after publishers to have an eye of mercy on our books. Though, today that’s definitely not the case. Now, we’ve got so many international and local online self-publishing platforms that form writing the book to getting it published -along with the marketing- can easily be done online.

Selling e-books to make money fast online is super-convenient. If you are a good writer and knows how to articulate coherent sentences, you can earn from $500-$1000 a year by writing and selling e-books.

Platforms To Sell Ebooks In Pakistan

There are many websites that you can use to self-publish your book and then sell e-books to paperbacks online easily. Here are some platforms that you can use to earn money at home,

It takes about 5 minutes to publish your book on here and your book gets on KIndle’s online store in only 24-48 hours. A good thing is that you can copyright and even set your own price listings here.

  • Daastan, Mera Qissa:

This Pakistani platform is making a big name as an online self-publishing platform already. You can easily self-publish your book here, along with marketing it with the website’s management.

  • Create Space:

This website can help you publish your book without having any publishing house involved, which makes it super comfortable to work with. Furthermore, you can sell your books at Amazon after getting it published here.

  • Parestan:

This is another ebook store and self-publishing program that provides free sign up, fast approval and instant access to publisher dashboard. It also provides real-time sales monitoring which can help to keep track of your ebook sales.

How To Receive Money In Pakistan

As you know all the different ways of making online money nowyou can easily start working and start earning online cash fast. However, what would you do if the websites or your freelance project provider is based abroad?

The answer is simple. Get yourself a Payoneer account to receive money in Pakistan from almost anywhere. Setting your Payoneer account in Pakistan is pretty easy, fast, and secure. Many of the websites including Freelancer, Fiverr, Amazon, Elance, and others are supported by Payoneer.

Though, what you can do if the website you want to work with doesn’t support Payoneer (like the survey website: PaidPerView)?

Well, if there is an online platform that isn’t supported by Payoneer then it is definitely by Paypal. The bad news is that Paypal isn’t yet available in Pakistan. So what you can do is use Paypal account of any of your family or friend who lives abroad to receive international transactions (this is what I personally do).

A piece of good news for all online earners in Pakistan is that just recently our Government has started convincing Paypal to come to Pakistan (Source: Samaa Digital). So, we can hope to have it in Pakistan soon (fingers crossed!).

How Much Money Can I Earn Online?

This is a question you all must have in your mind before starting with making money online. It’s quite normal. I had the exact same question before getting into freelance content writing. At first, I even tried out my luck with online surveys, reviews, and finding bugs in websites.

However, just at the beginning, I realized that only content writing is my true calling. As I love to write firstly. Secondly, I spend most of my time online and lastly, my English skills are not half bad. When I was able to find a niche of my interest, it was only a matter of some diligent hard work that I started to earn enough to indulge all of my dirty pleasures (read: shopping sprees and food hunts).

To be honest, no one can tell you exactly how much you can earn online. You can make even up to 7 figures a year if you are determined to put enough work with a lot of persistence. The only thing is that it is all up to you. So, yes gird up your loins if you want to earn online and ready set go!

If you still have any query about “online money making” then please drop us your message in the comment section.