How to Use Facebook Ads for Social Media Marketing in Urdu/Hindi

Over the past few years, Facebook ads have become very important for small businesses. For a quick start-up and engagement with potential customers, you need to utilize Facebook ads. You can use Facebook ads for increasing page likes, website clicks, post reach and so many other things related to social media marketing & particularly Facebook marketing. We have created a video series in Urdu/Hindi on running Facebook ads smoothly so that you can get the possible maximum results. You can watch video tutorials below to learn to implement FB Ads.

Why Facebook Ads are Very Effective?

Facebook ads are effective because it gives you a quick start, you just create an advert and the next minute you start receiving people on your page/post. Another great benefit of using FB ads is that you can go with a very low budget. And last but not least, Facebook Ads are very easy to set up, even a small kid can run a successful campaign.

How Much Can I Spend on Facebook Ads?

You can spend as much as you want, but the minimum amount you can spend on FB ads is USD $1, you can run a test campaign for a day to see the results. If that’s successful then you can go for a comprehensive budget, as the more you spent, the better will result. For more detailed info on this, you can watch the video tutorials below in Urdu/Hindi.

How Will I Be Charged by Facebook?

You’ll be charged via Credit Card or Paypal, if you have a Payoneer Master Card then you can add that to your Facebook advert account as a payment method, if you don’t have Payoneer card then still you can use your local bank’s Visa/Master debit card. In Pakistan, many banks provide debit cards to its customers which work online. You can try adding your card to Facebook advert account. Moreover, if you have  Paypal account, you can use that too.

Now watch below video tutorials one by one in Urdu/Hindi to step by step understand the process of using Facebook advertisement and take action if you want to run FB Ads for your business.

Facebook Adverts Tutorial #1

Facebook Adverts Tutorial #2

Facebook Adverts Tutorial #3

After watching the tutorials, we hope you’re now well aware of Facebook adverts and do use FB ads for boosting your audience in the initial stages of your business or startup.

Facebook Ads are more interesting and helpful when you exactly know about your audience and their social behavior, and this comes from very basic experience of using Facebook as a user. You should only select the countries or cities where possibly your targeted users exist. And furthermore, do research on keywords, because it’s very useful to use Keywords while running a Facebook advert campaign.

If you have any questions or suggestions then do let us know in the comment section below, it’s also appreciated if you share this content with your friends on Social media.