Learn Ulead Video Studio in Urdu & Hindi – Video Tutorials

Ulead Video Studio is very easy to use video editing software. One can use it without taking any professional training. You can use it to edit your videos, making videos from photos. You can also include sounds, voice, music, effects, filters, titles and much more into your video projects. Sometimes, you make videos with your camera or record a program, event etc and you need to edit them and to make them look more professional. So, for that purpose, you use any video editing software. and Ulead video editing studio is a very common software which you can use by yourself. So today, I am going to share video tutorials in the Urdu language to learn this software freely. I hope you will enjoy it and will give me some good feedback.

Ulead Video Studio Versions

Ulead Video Studio is a Corel Product. Initially, it was introduced by Corel Video Studio which is also a part of Corel Corporation. There were many versions released of this software but Ulead 10 and 11 were good enough in usage. However, the latest version of Ulead is X5 which released just this year. But while this tutorial you will learn Ulead 11 in Urdu.

Learn Ulead video editing in Urdu & Hindi

It is a complete video editing course of Ulead in the Urdu language. You can learn it from starting to end. A video playlist below will show you the user of this awesome software. 10 video tutorials have been made for learning this course. You can also download this course to your computer.

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Ulead Video Studio Complete Video Training 

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