Ms Excel 2007 Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

This is a complete video course of Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu with a large number of Formulas, Sheets and the most used tools & menus of Ms Excel 2007. There are dozens of video tutorials about Excel on My Youtube channel but I have created this playlist with the particular videos and sorted videos. So you can surely learn complete Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu by watching these video tutorials. Excel is a widely used application software in which people make work books, work sheets and do other office work. I created it easy for you to learn in Urdu language.

It is too hard to sort all courses in one playlist, but life seems beautiful & challenging when things become harder & difficult. And I like to work in a challenging environment.

What are included in this course?

In this course you learn the basic tools of Excel in Urdu. The most used options of all menus in Excel 2007 in Urdu. and after having learnt tools, you will learn the formulas from basic to Advance level in Urdu. Having learnt Formula, you will learn making different sheets in Ms Excel 2007 in Urdu. I have created 7 data sheets including Mark Sheet, Salary Sheet, Profit & Loss Sheet, Invoice Sheet and others.

What should be the next step?

The next step is to go ahead and do something new & interesting. In my next post I will publish complete video tutorial of Ms Power Point 2007 in Urdu and in coming days you will see complete Ms Word 2010 Video Training, Complete Ms Excel 2010 Video Course along with Power Point 2010. Now here is the video tutorials series for MS excel which you can easily watch to learn this popular program in Urdu language.

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