How to Apply for Google Adsense [Video in Urdu]

I’m asked thousands of times to answer the question; How to make an Adsense account in Pakistan?, I’m tired answering this question again and again. Therefore, recently when I was creating a complete DVD course in Urdu called “4 Consistent Ways to Make Money online in Urdu”, Google Adsense was also a part of this course, therefore, I separated some of the videos to be shared for free on this blog. And here I’m with the tutorials on how to apply for an Adsense account when you are living in Pakistan. You can watch the video tutorials below to understand the process.

Adsense is considered the KING among all other PPC ad networks, but one thing must be made sure that this is not a making money machine, this is an advertising program run by Google which was actually designed and developed to help website owners monetize their quality websites or web pages. Remember, this is not and was never developed for crappy or garbage kind of content. Let me explain you further.

How does Adsense work?

Adsense is the front side of Google’s “Adwords” Program, in Google Adwords, Google receives Adverts from the advertisers who Pay to Google for displaying their ads on different websites focusing their “Keywords” and by Geographical locations. So then Google displays the ads via their another program for Publishers called “Adsense“. Google will display ads upon the keywords were searched over their search engine. In other words, Adsense will show the best relevant ads on the publisher’s website if there is enough original “Content” with reserved keywords.

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So how come you claim, that you’ll get an Adsense account without a website having original and keyword based content? you’ll only get an Adsense account if you have enough original content on your website. Which must be of course, created by You.

People like you and me, who use Google Adwords for advertising campaigns, are paying Google because they want results back for their business, they do not want to waste their money (They are much wiser than me and you), so have you ever thought that your site is that good which can help the advertisers find their customers? if that is not the case then kindly consider your own pocket for spending money using Adwords and not getting the results back.

How will Adsense approve your application?

If you are located in Pakistan and you want to create an Adsense account from here. You are most welcomed by Google, but please keep in mind that Adsense has a clear and transparent policy for all of its publishers, which is a little bit more strict for Pakistani publishers. So if you are really serious to work with Adsense for a long period then have these steps done before applying for an Adsense account:

  • Create a website with a top level domain name i.e .com or .net etc (Blogspot will not work easily)
  • Have at least 40 articles (Original) published in it
  • Work at least 3 months consistently to make it useful for the users (Looking for information)
  • Make your site design very simple and professional which also loads fast
  • Try to work more on SEO side and drive traffic from search engines (100 to 200 Per day)
  • Never go negative, always think positive (Google is much smarter than you)
  • After 3 months, go for Adsense if you are meeting the above criteria

If you are still not getting what am I saying above then here is the video tutorials series for you in Urdu:

To make this post summarized, I was letting you know to work with Google Adsense properly and to get an Account easily. However, let me tell you one important point, you can never ever cheat Adsense or Google. They will detect your mistake sooner or later. So better you go the right way which is guided by Google itself.You can get help for all your questions related to Adsense by visiting its official blog or you can go to the program policies page, just write in Google “Adsense program policies” and you’ll find the localized link for simplified program policies.Let me know if you have any question or anything that was confusing you for a long time, today is your day to ask and get replied by me over this post anything related to Adsense only.