Checking Existing Email in Database via PHP in Urdu

As you might know that PHP is a server-side scripting language which means that it needs a server for execution, in the same server we also use MySQL as a database for storing text data. And MySQL is mostly used with PHP, so you can insert any text data into MySQL database using PHP, you can also view that data and can modify. Means, many tasks can be performed within a database, however, some students also want to know about checking the existing record in a database, so that the user can be notified before submitting the query to the server. For example; you want to check the email address of new users whether they are already registered or not?, so for performing this task in PHP, we can create a simple script. Here is the complete procedure for Checking Existing Email in Database via PHP in Urdu.

Here are three video tutorials in Urdu language which will teach you how to check existing email address inside a database and how to inform the user if her/his email is already existing in our database

Checking Existing email video tutorial

So before this tutorial, we shared a complete PHP course in Urdu and recently we published tutorials regarding a simple website in PHP and also complete CMS & website in PHP+MySQL. And now you are learning one more step for checking existing records in your MySQL database. We’ll further share tutorials about how to upload files/images to server using PHP, how to create a search engine in PHP, how to make a currency converter in PHP and similar tutorials. So we believe in tutorials with projects, because it is the demand of the market. The market doesn’t ask you for presenting theories but for practical it does.

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