Computer Tips & Internet Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi

There are billions of users who use computer for their domestic requirements. Some people use a computer just for watching movies, listening to songs or play music in the background. There are many people who don’t know the basic usage of the internet even Facebook. Also, there are users who can not solve basic computer problems. Are you one of them? If no then we’re glad to see. But we know some people who just search on Google about any starting tutorial. So we would love those people who are desires to learn new things and exploring the world. Here are some basic video tutorials about computer and internet. So in this blog, we will be sharing Computer Tips & Internet Video Tutorials in Urdu & Hindi.

Computer Tips & Tricks in Urdu

There are 10 different video tutorials in Urdu language, which will guide you many things from computer and internet. The first video is about what is computer? and when was it invented? and who invented it? it is described in Urdu. The second video is about how to install windows XP in Urdu. The third tutorial is about how to check real PC configuration in Urdu language. Also you can learn how to make a Facebook Page or Group in Urdu. How to install Antivirus in Your PC in Urdu. and more computer Tips in Urdu.

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What is Computer Learn in Urdu

Install Windows XP Tutorial in Urdu

How to Check Real PC Configuration Learn in Urdu

How to Install Internet Download Manager in Urdu

Creating Windows 7.0 them in Urdu video tutorial

Installing Microsoft Office 2010 Learn in Urdu Video

Learn How to Install Antivirus & how to Update Antivirus in Urdu