Earn Money with Your Blog using Advertisements in Urdu

The phrase making money online is not rare now and is no longer a mystery. This phrase is among the words which are searched the most nowadays. A rapid growth has been seen in the new users of the internet for the sake of money, now hundreds of people join the internet not only for connecting with people but also for making some money online. The United States and other western countries’ users had already had the concept of making money online since the starting of this century; but in countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria etc, it got popular among all just a few years back. Now every second internet user tries to find the real ways of making money and also wants to become an entrepreneur. So keeping this in mind, we started a series of video tutorials about earning with internet and thus, we are coming up with PPC ads networks’ tutorial which is considered the best and the easiest way to earn money online on the internet.

Earn Money with Your Blog using Advertisements in Urdu

Today, we’re going to learn about PPC ad networks and my tutorial will be containing two video tutorials in Urdu language and also I’ll give you information as much as possible through this article. As you know YouTube is blocked in Pakistan, so I’ve started uploading my video tutorials to another website []. So you everyone will be able to watch today’s tutorials in Urdu.

Now here is the video tutorials series about PPC ads, and below the tutorial, there is a list of these networks:

Video # 1

How to Earn money with PPC ads?

We hope having watched the above videos you’ll have come to know about PPC advertisements. However, PPC stands for [Pay Per Click] and these advertisement networks give you chance to earn money from your website by showing their advertisement inside your content and when their ads be clicked by visitors they’ll pay you for those clicks. To earn money with any PPC network you must have at least one website or blog which is having original and unique content. You can’t show their ads on copied material or illegal content. Also, clicks should be genuinely generated by visitor’s interest.

How Many PPC networks are there?

There are hundreds of PPC networks on the web who provide you ads based on PPC. But all of them don’t work the same, however, some very popular PPC networks can be selected to work with and the list of top PPC networks is given below:

  • Google Adsense: [text ads, image ads, animated ads, video ads, and links units]
  • Infolinks: [only for text-based content and shows only text ads]
  • ClickSor: [Text ads, image ads and pop up ads]
  • Adbrite: [text ads and image ads] (this is closed now)
  • Adhitz: [text ads and image ads]
  • Chitika: [Links and text ads]
  • adCenter: [Text and image ads] This is is by Yahoo & Bing
  • Kontera: [text ads]
  • ClickBooth: [text and image ads]
  • ExitJunction: [Text & image ads]

You can easily register your website or blog over these ad networks and each of them has different criteria and requirements. we have practically shown creating an account on some ad networks in above video tutorials and rest you can do by yourself.

It’s up to you how to do find yourself comfortable with these networks, however, one thing is to make sure that they pay you on time for your hard work. Let me know if you have further questions by commenting below the post.