Make Money with Yahoo & Bing Ads (Video)

If you haven’t heard the name “Yahoo & Bing Ads network” or “Media.Net” then you might have been missing some important earning potential with your content in the past. However, this is now the time to explore what’s inside Yahoo & Bing ads and how can one earn money out of it. Yahoo & Bing ads formally run by a website called “Media.Net” is one of the major Ad networks for advertisers as well as publishers. This is a Contextual ad network which may be useful for you in terms of earning more with your blog/website. Have you used Google Adsense? or heard about it? if so then Media.Net is a similar ad network and it can be among the super “Alternatives to Adsense“, it pays you more than Adsense and is overall serving high-quality ads. Working with top advertisers from all over the world and especially from USA & Canada.

However, let me be specific now, Media.Net serves ads not on Pay Per Click (PPC) Basis, but in fact, it gives the publishers an opportunity to earn from their impressions. What I meant by impressions, this means the more page views you have the more you’ll earn with Let’s discuss it more in details.

Media.Net & Google Adsense (Difference)

The difference between Adsense & is that Adsense is run by Google, while Media.Net is run by Yahoo & Bing jointly. OK, but this is not the big difference, the actual difference between these networks is something like i.e Adsense is a PPC ad network which pays you for valid clicks occur by the visitors in a natural way. However, Media.Net is a CPM network which pays you on (Cost Per Mile) basis, to be clearer, it pays you for impressions, if you have one thousand page impressions (page views) then you can easily earn from $2 to $5 per day with

We are using Media.Net for last 20 days, and the result is better so far, in my case as well as in many other cases, Yahoo & Bing ads have paid publishers more than Adsense. And this is how you can survive with your blog for a long time if you have been approved by Media.Net, regardless, you have Adsense account or not.

Still confused about this? OK, watch the video tutorial (On YouTube)

Now, after watching the above video tutorial in Urdu, we will be really excited to hear your experience & thoughts regarding

If you have a blog/website which is receiving at least 10% out of the total traffic from USA, Canada etc then you must join this network, because it will give you more revenue than Adsense could. However, your website/blog must provide valuable content which is useful for the community in general.

Last but not the least, generating revenue from your blog/site always depends on the content you have and the type of traffic you receive for them, and most importantly the traffic which is coming from search engines. If you have good content on your site and receiving a decent amount of traffic then every Ad network or revenue-generating program is yours, companies themselves will contact you for monetizing your content with them, but once you are established, you are good to go.

Let’s have a discussion in the comment section, if you got any questions or have any experience about Media.Net then do share that in the comment section below.