How To Make Money Online By Content Writing

It’s a general perception that writers don’t earn any good. True, but not quite. 

It actually depends on the type of content you write. Because as a freelance content writer, you can definitely earn enough to pay bills and feed yourself.

Let’s discuss in detail the opportunities available for content writers. 

How To Make Money Writing From Home

We personally believe that writing articles for money is not much of good motivation. However, we can’t deny the fact that a man gotta live also and he can’t do that without being able to sell his skills. 

So yeah, we are completely on board with the idea of earning money by weaving words in an article to do all the magic. 

A good thing about freelance article writing is that you don’t need any certification or credentials to go about this online job. 

This means; no worries about getting admission in a good institution and paying huge amounts of school fees. However, you might need some experience and knowledge of the basic concepts of content writing.

Four that, you can find hundreds of free online courses on Udemy, Coursera, and other platforms also.

Here are some good ones that might be of some use to you:

Get Paid To Write About Anything 

To get paid to write in 2019, here are some realistic ways:

How To Make Money Writing Articles

Making money by article writing is quite easy. You can either start by building your own blog or do some guest blogging. Although blogs can be a lot of hard work and a serious time investment, they are still the best in terms of growth and earning opportunities. 

Another successful way is to do freelance article writing for famous publications, websites, and blogs. These range from ghost articles on various niches to having a regularly contributing writer account on well-known blogs. 

To be a successful content writer, you will need to build a portfolio. The best way to do so is by getting at least 3 clients in the start. You can even write an article online free –published under your own name- just to add a sample in your portfolio.

Get Paid To Write Reviews On Amazon

You can easily get paid to write product reviews for free with the help of Amazon’s affiliate program. In only a few minutes, you can register your blog with this program and enjoy 3-10% cut of each sale of the product accessed from your shared link. 

To apply to become an Amazon associate, you have to do the following:

  • Visit Amazon Affiliate Program’s website here.
  • Sign up by clicking the button “I am a new customer” or log in to your existing Amazon account. 
  • List your website/blog for the program by typing in the name, URL, and what your website is about. 
  • Verify your phone number and click finish after reading and agreeing to their terms and conditions. 
  • Wait for your associates account to be approved.

Voila, you are done now!

Make Money by Writing Short Stories 

Another awesome way to earn some serious cash is to indulge in creative writing.

Today, earning thousands of dollars with self-publishing is no longer a dream. It’s so easy now that we have the biggest platform for publishing short stories namely, Kindle. At Kindle, you can earn money writing fiction online and sell the books on Amazon -the gigantic e-store. 

Even, Pakistan has now many of such online self-publishing houses (Mera Qissa and Parestan) that you can easily get your books published in both online and paperback forms and enjoy being a published author. 

How To Make Money Writing Poetry

If you are a poet, I assure you that you won’t end up like Ghalib and Jon Elia in misery. In this age, you can even use this form of creative writing to make money online. Either you can publish your poetry books on Kindle or some other self-publishing platform, or take part in poetry writing competitions like The 2019 Emerging Poet Prize awarding $3000 to the winners. 

You can find more of such poetry competition announcements on Palette Poetry.

Make Money By Copywriting

Copywriting is simply a piece of writing that is conversion-focused and compels the reader to take action. 

From product descriptions to sales letters these all have one purpose and that is to derive some revenue. This, however, makes the copywriting a bit difficult as convincing a person to buy is not easy by any means. Moreover, copywriting is an art mixed with some science- hence, the highest-paid form of online writing.

Top 10 Sites That Pay You To Write Articles 

Now comes the best part that will allow you to start earning asap by writing articles. Here are the top 10 websites that will pay you to write articles.

Writing for Cracked can be a great opportunity for you if you are funny, witty, creative, and an entertaining person. They don’t require any experience. If your article can entertain people, you are definitely in. They pay around $100-$200 for each article they accept for publishing.

From social issues to lifestyle, Strong Whisper covers all. They basically offer $50 for each article, but you can negotiate the rate if you think you deserve more. All in all, a good website to earn some good cash.

If you are fond of weird, intriguing, funny, and just some creative listicles, Listverse is the right place for you to send your articles. They accept original articles written in native English only, so be mindful of quality. You can get $100 per 10-items list with a word count of around 1500. 

With a unique concept of not generating any revenue with ads, Medium has come up with a new way to pay the writers for their contributions, The website charges around $5 for paying readers and that amount is distributed among the writers they interact with the most. For this reason, we can’t tell you exactly how much you can earn, but writers like Anthony Moore has claimed to earn as much as $290 for one post in a single month only. 

Experts Column have a number of weblogs on different niche. You can publish on any niche after signing up. Further, you earn according to the number of views your posts get and your level of interaction with other writers. With a payout rate of $5 only, this won’t be the best website to write for but you have to start somewhere. Right?

You read the quote about writer earning more with writing about his art than actually as a writer, at the start of the article. Right?

Well, here is the testament to it. 

Funds For Writers is a website that pays to write about earning as a writer. They pay $50 for each post via PayPal.

This website covers everything relating to the students and their lives. They pay $55 for original articles and $27.50 for reprints for 1000-1500 words. 

If you have a little bit of knowledge about e-commerce and retail stores, you should jump in for this awesome opportunity. They pay a whopping rate of $75-$135 for every article of 400-600 or more words. 

Parenting isn’t something that comes easily to everyone and to those it doesn’t, “A Fine Parent” is there to help. For an article of 1500-3000 words, this website pays you a flat rate of $100 through PayPal. 

Remember that this website receives the articles in a specific time frame only, so keep an eye out for the dates when the submission window opens and closes. 

Revolving mostly around web development, this website is a perfect opportunity to earn some cash. Site Point pays a fixed rate of $100 for 1500 words of the blog. Though, the best part is that this rate can be increased up to $250 in case your article generates more views.

Now as you know everything about earning through online content writing, you can easily kickstart your freelance writing career. 

Share with us any queries you have and we’ll make sure to respond to you asap.